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The Shipshewana Horse Auction is held every Friday, year-round. Horse lovers from all over the United States join us for our weekly auctions of driving, work, saddle horses, ponies, and tack. Special yearly horse sales are held on Good Friday and the Day After Thanksgiving.

Regular Friday Horse Auction Schedule:

10:30 am Tack

12:30 pm  Loose, Saddle Horses, Ponies

2:30 pm Work Horses, Driving Horses

Horse Seller Information:

  • Unloading: Horses may be brought in anytime after 6:00 pm on Thursday, up until sale time on Friday.  To sell tack, bring it in on Friday before 10:30 am, and take it into the ring to be sold.
  • Documents: All horses sold through the Shipshewana Auction must have an Equine Information Document.
  • Checks: We must have your complete name and address to issue checks. Seller checks will be mailed, or they may be picked up from the livestock office only after your horse has been paid for by the buyer.
  • The Auction: If you are unable to stay and watch your horse sell, you may want to write up a short story about your horse to be read by the auctioneer.


  • Driving: $75.00 per head
  • Work: 5% with a a minimum of $35.00 per head
  • Saddle Horses: 5% with a minimum of $35.00 per head
  • Loose Horses: 5% with a minimum of $30.00 per head
  • Ponies: 5% with a minimum of $30.00 per head
  • Tack: 15% of gross sale
  • No Sale: Commission plus $3.00 yardage

Other Fees:

Yardage Fee: 0.39% ($3.00 minimum per head)

Contact Information Kieth Lambright

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