Antique Auction

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Shipshewana Antique & Miscellaneous Auction

The Antique Auction is held every Wednesday, year-round, at 9 am.

Six to ten auctioneers simultaneously sell antiques, collectibles, estate items, primitives, glassware, furniture, architectural salvage, and so much more!

An average auction will take from 9 am until 1 pm - 3 pm. The auction is held in the Shipshewana Auction Misc. & Antique Building (an 80' by 200' enclosed facility, heated in the winter and open-air in the summer). Restrooms and the Auction Snack Bar are located inside.

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Buyer Information

A complete, updated list of buyer and seller information can be picked up in the office.

How do you buy at the auction?

A Shipshewana Antique & Misc. Auction buyer number card is required to make purchases. Visit the Auction Office to register for a buyer number. You'll need a valid driver's license. A buyer card is $5. Duplicate buyer cards are available for $1 each. Buyer cards expire at the end of each calendar year. New cards are required each year.

Please show the clerk and auctioneer your buyer number card when bidding. After you are finished bidding at the auction, visit the auction office to pay for your purchases, and show the cashier your buyer card. The cashier accepts cash, check, or credit card. A 5% buyer's premium will be added if you pay with a credit card. 

No private exchange of merchandise between buyers and consignors. 

How does bidding work?

This is a live auction with multiple auctioneers going at the same time (6-10 rings). Buyers move from ring to ring to catch the best deals and the best merchandise. See below for auction building floor plan and information on locations and start positions.

Listen carefully! When groups of items or like items are offered, the auctioneer will specify the terms prior to the sale. Quite often, groups of like items are sold by the piece, times your bid, so watch out for sets of chairs, glasses, dishes, etc. You are obligated to pay for that purchase even though you may not have heard or thought you understood! What the auctioneer announces stands. We want you to have an enjoyable experience with no disappointments.

 The minimum opening bid accepted is $5.00 per item, per choice or per grouping of merchandise. All items, unless otherwise stated, are sold with a reserved bid. All merchandise is sold "as is" or as represented by the consignor only. Shipshewana Auction is not responsible for any consignor's guarantee or statement. Be sure to inspect the merchandise prior to bidding.

When do I get my items?

You will be handed your item immediately after you've won the bid and the auctioneer says "sold." Merchandise is 100 percent the responsbility of the buyer after the item is sold. For larger items, you may purchase "sold" stickers from the office. Shipshewana Auction, Inc assumes no responsibility for damaged or stolen merchandise.

Loading of merchandise inside of building is allowed after the auction is over. Overhead doors are to be operted by Shipshewana Auction personnel only. All merchandise must be removed the day of auction. Storage of left over items will be assesed a fee of $25 per item.

When can I preview and inspect items?

Buyers may preview items in person on Tuesdays (7 am - 5 pm) and Wednesdays (5:30 am to auction time). *Note: Sellers have until 7 am Wednesday to be fully set-up. Buyers can also preview photos and listings online at Item photos are taken and posted online by 5 pm every Tuesday.

Where do I park?

A parking permit or fee at the entrance is required from Memorial day thru September and is collected by the gate attendant. Enter from the North or West gate for preferred auction parking. Season preferred parking permits are available to purchase in the Miscellaneous Office for $35.00.

Are you a new bidder or have never been to Shipshewana Auction? Read these Auction Buying Tips, Or watch Chuck's Antique Auction Tip videos before coming.

Seller / Consignor Information

Call or visit the office to reserve an auction selling spot! 260-768-4129.

Download Seller Information Packet

How do I go about selling in the auction?

Reserve seller space in the auction barn in advance (the earlier the better!) through the Auction Office, or by calling 260-768-4129. View the auction barn map below for information on start times and locations.

How many spaces do I need, and how much are they?

Most seller spaces are 7' x 9.5' and some are 9' x 12'. (Pickup load = 1 space, Van load = 2 spaces, Bigger Trucks = 3 to 4 spaces). There is no guarantee of selling time or auctioneer. There is a consignment fee of $15 to $20 per space, depending on size.

What is your commission rate?

Commissions are based on both your gross sales and your lot average. (1 Lot = one sale transaction, regardless of how many items are in that lot.) No sales: 10% with a maximum of $30. No bids: $1.00 / lot. View commission sheet.

When and how will I get my check?

Our goal is to have your checks available one hour after your last item is sold. Visit the seller's lobby to pick up your check before the auction office closes, or we will mail you your check. All purchases and unpaid balances will be deducted from seller's proceeds prior to issuing a check for merchandise sold.

What can I sell at the auction?

Antiques & Collectibles sell the best, although we accept all kinds of merchandise. Shipshewana Auction Inc. has the right to reject any article to be offered for auction. No guns, gun parts, or live ammunition are to be offered for auction. 

When and how do I unload my items?

Sellers may unload their items on Tuesdays from 7 am - 5 pm or on Wednesday from 5:30 am - 7 am. These times are strict and all vehicles and consignors must be out of the auction barn when it closes. Spaces must be occupied by 7 am on Wednesday to avoid possible reissuing. Off-day unloading hours may be available - please call Mike Scherer at 260-768-4129 for rates and availability. 

When you arrive to unload, park your vehicle outside where directed or in a valid parking space. Enter the auction barn, and check in with auction personnel. You and your vehicle will then be directed inside the barn to your auction space. Unload in a timely fashion. Your vehicle will be directed out of the building by auction personnel. Do not move vehicle in building or operate overhead doors without assistance from authorized staff.

Auction-Time Procedure

All consignors are responsible for representing their own items (handling merchandise at auction time.) If you need us to recommend someone to represent your items (for a fee), please call the office at 260-768-4129.

The minimum opening bid is $5.00. We encourage you to sell all items to the highest bidder, although you as a seller have the right to "no sale" items or to offer items on a reserve bid.

How can I advertise my items?

We advertise our weekly sale in Antique Week, Auction Exchange, and more. On Tuesday afternoons during unloading / set up, a Shipshewana Auction staff member will photograph items for the sale. Photos are uploaded to and captioned with the item's location unless otherwise directed.

Sellers may submit photos or auction listing information in advance! To submit photos or listings, please email your sale date, location number, listings and photos to Anna at

Floor Map of the Shipshewana Auction Misc. & Antique Building:

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