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Shipshewana Antique & Miscellaneous Auction

Shipshewana Trading Place holds Antique & Miscellaneous Auctions every Wednesday, year-round, at 9 am. (No auction on Christmas Day, Special New Year's Auction on January 1).

Move from ring to ring catching the best deals on a wide variety of merchandise as six to ten auctioneers simultaneously sell inside the Shipshewana Antique Building every week.

Find furniture, antiques, primitives, art, glassware, pottery, household items, tools, sporting goods, architectural salvage, estate items, books, and the list goes on and on! Each Wednesday the auction is completely different as sellers from all over bring in their picks and finds.  

An average auction will take from 9 am until 1 pm - 3 pm. The auction is held in the Shipshewana Auction Misc. & Antique Building (an 80' by 200' enclosed facility, heated in the winter and open-air in the summer). Restrooms and the Auction Snack Bar are located inside.

Every Wednesday we have people in attendance from all across the country. Many of our customers are here every week, both buyers and sellers, while every week there are people in attendance for the very first time. First time or for the last 40 years, we appreciate your business.

If you are interested in selling, give us a call at 260-768-4129 to reserve your auction space. If you are wanting to buy - one time or a box truck full, this is the place!

Watch our schedule on - we post photos of items for sale each week!

Preview Auction Listings

Buyer Information

Download a printable PDF of buyer information.

  • We accept cash, check or credit card. A 5% buyer's premium will be added to all credit card payments.
  • A buyer number card is required to make purchases. Visit the Auction office to register for a buyer number with a valid driver's license (must be 18 years of age). Buyer cards are $5, and duplicate cards are available for $1 each. Buyer numbers expire at the end of each calendar year.
  • Sales tax will be collected on all purchases unless a sales tax number is registered in the office.
  • This is a live auction with multiple auctioneers going at the same time (6-10 rings). Buyers move from ring to ring to catch the best deals and the best merchandise. See below for auction building floor plan and information on locations and start positions.
  • The minimum opening bid accepted is $5.00 per item, per choice, or per grouping of merchandise. 
  • All items, unless otherwise stated, are sold with a reserved bid. 
  • All merchandise is sold "as is" or as represented by the consignor only. Be sure to inspect the merchandise prior to bidding. Shipshewana Auction, Inc. assumes no responsibility for damaged or stolen merchandise.
  • Private exchange of merchandise between buyers and consignors is prohibited.
  • Merchandise is 100 percent the responsibility of the buyer after the item is sold. For larger items, you may purchase "sold" stickers from the office.
  • All merchandise must be paid for and removed the day of the auction. A 10% Buyer's Premium will be added to any merchandise not paid day of sale. Storage of leftover items will be assessed a fee of $25 per item.
  • A Parking Fee is required from Memorial Day through September and is collected by the gate attendant. Enter from the North or West gate for preferred auction parking. Season preferred parking permits are available to purchase in the office for $35.00.

Auction Preview

Auction merchandise may be previewed and inspected on Tuesdays and Wednesdays prior to auction time. Please note that consignors have until Wednesday at 7am to be fully set up.

  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 5:30 am - Auction Time

Buyers may also preview photos of items on, Auctioneer I.D. #1945.

  • Misc. Auction Office Hours: Tuesday, 10:30 am - 4:30 pm; Wednesday, 7:00 am - end of auction

Are you a new bidder or have never been to Shipshewana Auction? Read these Auction Buying Tips, Or watch Chuck's Antique Auction Tip videos before coming.

Floor Map of the Shipshewana Auction Misc. & Antique Building:

Seller / Consignor Information

Download a printable PDF of seller information.

  • Call or visit the office to reserve an auction space to sell!  Phone: 260-768-4129.
  • Shipshewana Auction Inc. has the right to reject any article to be offered for auction. No guns, gun parts, or live ammunition are to be offered for auction. This includes black powder, starter guns or any other type of gun or firearm. Toy guns may be offered such as cap guns or any other type of toy gun.
  • Consignment fee is $15 to $20 per space. (Most spaces are 7' x 9.5', some approx. 9' x 12'.) See auction floor map, above. There are no refunds if space is forfeited or canceled after 10am Monday before the sale date. Sellers who have not prepaid for their space will be charged the full amount for canceling past the deadline.
  • Commission fees are based on your gross sales and your lot averages. View a detailed commission sheet.
  • The consignor is responsible for the handling of merchandise at auction time. (Rep service available.)
  • Our Goal - To have your checks available one hour after your last item is sold.
  • All purchases and unpaid balances will be deducted from your proceeds prior to issuing a check for merchandise sold.
  • Unloading merchandise is Tuesday 7am-5pm and Wednesday 5:30am-7am. Off-day unloading hours may be available upon request. 
  • When unloading, park where directed or in a parking space and check in with auction personnel. You and your vehicle will be directed to your auction space. Unload in a timely fashion. Your vehicle will be directed out of the building by auction personnel.
  • Private selling of merchandise between consignors and buyers is prohibited.
  • There is no guarantee of selling time or auctioneer.
  • Minimum opening bid = $5.00
  • All merchandise must be removed day of auction. Storage of leftover items will be assessed a fee of $25 per item.
  • Shipshewana Auction, Inc. assumes no responsibility for damaged or stolen merchandise.

No Sale Items / Items Sold with a Reserve Bid:

You as a seller have the right to “no sale” items or have items you want to offer with a reserve bid; however experience has shown us that a consignor that “no sales” items on a regular basis discourages buyers to purchase items from your consignment at that time or even in the future if you sell with us on a regular basis. We encourage you to sell all items to the highest bidder.

Our “no sale” policy is this: You will pay regular commission on the last bid received with a maximum charge of $30.00 per no sale item. The “no sale” needs to be declared before the auctioneer drops the hammer and declares the item sold.

Two ways of handling your reserved items:

  1. Before the item goes up for auction, tell the auctioneer that you are selling the item with reserve, while not stating the reserve amount. Then let the bidding take its own course. Before the auctioneer sells the item the auctioneer will ask you “yes” or “no”. You either say “yes it sells” or “no I can’t sell it.”
  2. You may state a bid on an item prior to the sale of the item. At that point the auctioneer will use your stated bid as the opening bid and ask the crowd for the next appropriate higher bid increment. If no one bids then the item will “no sale” at your stated reserve bid.

Other Services:

  • Table Rental 6’ or 8’ table = $7.00 + tax (Tables are available day of set up)
  • Lighted Showcase 6’ tall lighted showcase = $15.00 + tax (Showcases may be reserved in advance)
  • Electric = $4.00 + tax
  • Pegboard = $7.00 + tax
  • Quilt Rack = $7.00 + tax
  • Rep Service: Experienced help available. Check office for rep rates.

*For a job well done, tips are accepted and appreciated by your auctioneer and clerk.

Listings on AuctionZip:

Every Tuesday until 4:30 pm, a staff member takes photos of booths that are present that day for setup for Wednesday’s auction. Photos are uploaded to our page on for shoppers to preview items online. To view the listings, go to and search for Auctioneer I.D. #1945.

We encourage sellers to email us photos of your items in advance for us to post. Instructions for emailing photos/listings is below.

How to send in photos and listing information:

  1. Email Anna ( with your name, the sale date, and your row and space number by 12 pm Tuesday, prior to your Wednesday sale date.
  2. Attach any photos or listing information you would like included. For large groups of photos, please break them up in multiple emails. Captions (up to 40 characters) may also be submitted for each photo. (Photos will be captioned with your row and space number unless instructed otherwise). 
  3. Call Anna at 260-768-4129 ext 106 to make sure your photos have been received properly or for any questions about auctionzip.

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