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These 3 Tips will Boost your Flea Market Sales Dramatically

Post Date: Aug 14, 2017

Get potential customers to become current customers and turn those current customers into returning customers?

By selling at flea markets, you have an advantage over traditional brick and mortar businesses when it comes to customer exposure. Each show gives your business hundreds if not thousands of new possibilities as potential customers file through.

At the same time, being a vendor and having a mobile shop can be tricky. You’re moving your shop location around from place to place. Potential customers see you, but don’t always know later where to find you.

I have shared a lot about customer service and the effect it can have on your business, but besides great customer service (and an attractive booth display!), I’ve gathered 3 simple techniques you can use in your booth to acquire valued customers and gain even further exposure. All the while keeping your business in front of your current customer’s eye and enticing them to come back time and time again.

1. Get a Business Card

You need something that states the following information:

  • Business Name
  • Your Name
  • Contact Information
  • Social Media Pages
  • Website

This card needs to get in the hands of all your customers (and potential customers). Either hand them one, or put it in their bag as they are paying for their items. Especially if you are not a brick and mortar store, customers may not know where to find you. If they have a question about something, want to re-order, or want to tell friends about your business they will be able to find your information with very little effort. Ease of access will create more opportunities for sales, as well as, develop returning customers.

2. Ask for Facebook “Likes”

Ask your friends, family and customers to “Like” you on Facebook. Seems a little silly, I know, but the more Likes on Facebook you get, the better opportunities you have to put your business in front of new potential customers. Stay current on Facebook and update at least once a week.

Those who Like your page will get any update you make (that’s why you want to stay current and up-to-date—you’ll keep your business popping up on their page!). The more Likes on Facebook you have also leads to trust. For potential customers, seeing lots of people associate with your page will help create trust and confidence as well as curiosity. Potential customers will want to know why so many people Like you and will check your business out for themselves!

3. Start a Monthly Email

Another great way to turn a one-time customer into a recurring customer is to get them on your email list. Don’t have an email list? Start one! Have a sign-up sheet or notepad by your check-out table. Encourage them to sign-up for monthly emails. Entice customers to sign-up by offering updates, exclusive product reveals and offers, as well as, coupons. Also, keep a running list of events and shows you will be attending.

Take time to grown your customer base and grow your business. Don’t let potential customer opportunities pass you by. Gather up information and be sure to give yours out too!

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