Why Shoppers Aren’t Shopping Your Flea Market Booth

Post Date: Jan 21, 2022

Here are some great tips from the Shipshewana Flea Market experts on what you can do to draw customers into your booth.

So you’re selling at a flea market! You have your product, you have your tent, you’ve made your reservations to participate in the next local flea market, and you’ve done everything possible to make money… or have you?

What’s going to draw customers into your booth... your selling space, your small-but-full-of-potential 10’x10’ cubical? Think product alone? Think again! You may have the most amazing, new and never-before-seen product and people still may pass you by without a second glance. But why?

It all Comes Down to Flea Market Booth Display

One of the most important aspects of your flea market booth is not just product alone, but your display… yep, display.

No, it’s not just superficial busy work.

The way you set your items up, the way you arrange product, and the aesthetic appeal and allure of your booth will actually draw customers in.

Not to mention a friendly face that stands and greets each shopper (but that’s for another topic).

Here are three flea market booth ideas to help you make money and grow your flea market business.

1 - Try Ditching the Table

Try ditching the 8 foot table.


Yes, ditch it. It takes up too much space. Think about it, that eight foot table takes up…EIGHT FEET of you precious 10 foot wide space.

What does that leave? Two feet… two feet of what? Two feet for you to stand in a corner? Two feet for you to scrunch in a chair? Two feet for a customer to do the awkward “suck in gut, squeeze in fanny” side step dance?

Ditch it.

Instead, use depth and height to create a unique atmosphere that will draw people in and let them move around to look at your products.

2 - Keep all your items visible.

If you can't see it, they can't buy it!

Make sure you don't have aisles of piles that are unattractive and something that your shoppers will look right over.

If you have a lot of items that you need to group together, perhaps consider attractive containers like baskets, bowls or other storage that will keep those products visible while organized and clutter-free!

3 - Display products as they're intended to be used.

Shoppers may not even know what you're selling if it's just lying on the table flat and unattractive.

Make sure potential customers know the amazing products you have by displaying them as they are intended to be used. If you sell doll clothes, display them on a doll. If you sell goose clothes, display them on a goose (a statue of course, real geese would create a messy booth of course.)

Be creative with your display and give customers a reason to look further by making sure they are displayed in a visible way by letting them know their intended uses.

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