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The Shipshewana Livestock Auction is held every Wednesday, year-round as farmers from all over the Midwest come to trade hay, pigs, cows, sheep and goats. 

Shipshewana Livestock Auction Schedule

Every Wednesday, year round!

10:00 am Hay

10:30 am Feeder Pigs

11:00 am Dairy Heifers / Dairy Cows / Feeder Cattle

2:30 pm Veal, Sheep, Lambs, Goats (in that order)

4:00 pm Butcher Bulls, Fat Cattle, Cows (in that order)

Buyer Information 

Buyer Numbers: All livestock, horse, tack and hay auction buyers should apply for a buyer number prior to bidding in the livestock office. Daily buyer numbers are available. You must be 18 years of age and have a state issued photo I.D. and valid phone number to obtain an auction buyer number. Please show your buyer number card when making purchases and when making payments.

Terms of Sale: The Livestock Office accepts cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. There is a 5% buyers premium on purchases, which will be waived if you pay with cash or check. Purchases not paid for the day of the auction will be assessed a $5.00 service charge.

Market Report: Current Livestock Market Reports are available online each Thursday after the Wednesday sale.

Read Market Report.

You can also read our current market report weekly by joining the Shipshewana IN Livestock Sale Facebook Group or by signing up for our Weekly Livestock Report email and select "Livestock Auction" when you subscribe.

Livestock Appraisals: Call Keith at 260-336-6008 (cell).

Hog Market: Wednesday, 7 AM – Noon – *Ask for Keith, 260-768-4129

Seller Information

Unloading: May be done anytime after 6:00 am on Wednesdays, up until sale time on Wednesday. If you need to unload on Tuesdays, please call ahead (260-768-4129) to make arrangements.
Checks: may be picked up immediately following your sale in the livestock office on Wednesdays, or they will be mailed out the following morning. You may also make arrangements to pick up your check from the office the next day. We must have your complete name, address and phone number to issue checks.
Hay: Sold by the ton. If you are selling hay, please bring a scale ticket into the Livestock Office to register prior to the sale. We need to have a NET weight for the hay sale.
Trucking Service: Call the livestock office at 260-768-4129 for info on local trucking services.
Tags: All sheep and goats need Scrapie Tags. You can order tags yourself by visiting Shipshewana Auction will tag them for $3.00 per head, but we prefer you get your own tags and tag them before you bring them to the sale.
Hogs: All hogs need individual premise Identification prior to shipping. For more information or to obtain ear tags, call the Indiana State Board of Animal Health at 317-544-2400 or toll-free: 877-747-3038.
Out-of-State animals: Call the Indiana State Board of Animal Health at 317-544-2400 or toll-free: 877-747-3038.
Dairy Cows - Springers - Dairy Feeder Heifers (6 months or older) Health Paper / Interstate Certificate would be good. Questions? Call Tye Casey at 574-930-0450.
Organic Handler Certified: Call Keith at 260-336-6008 (We pick up Organic Cows Tuesdays!

Commission & Fees

  • Cattle
    • Feeder Cattle: 3.5%, or a minimum of $17.00 per head
    • Dairy: 4.5%, or a minimum of $50.00 per head
    • Veal Calves: 4%, or a minimum of $10.00 per head
    • Butcher Cattle: 1%, or a minimum of $20.00 per head
    • Butcher Bulls: 4%, or a minimum of $50.00 per head
    • Butcher Cows: 2.5%, or a minimum of $30.00 per head
  • Feeder Pigs: 3%, or a minimum of $5.00 per head
  • Butcher Hogs: 3%, or a minimum of $6.00 per head
  • Sheep & Goats: $6.00 per head
  • Hay / Straw / Wood: 6%
  • Yardage Fee
    • Livestock: .390%, or a minimum or $3.00 per head
    • Feeder Pigs / Hogs: .390%, or a minimum of $1.50 per head
  • Tagging Fees
    • Feeder Pigs:  $0.30 per head
    • Scrapie Tagging Fee:  $3 per head
    • RFID Tagging Fee:  $3 per head
  • No Sale: Must be present and object to sale as soon as the animal is sold. Fee is regular commission price + yardage fee. 

For livestock appraisals, call Keith Lambright at 260-336-6008 (cell).

Handler - Certified Organic Products/Service:  Handling of organic livestock:  Beef Cattle; Dairy Cattle.

Call 260-336-6008 for Tuesday Organic pick up.

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