Vendor Spotlight: Walton Art 222

Post Date: Aug 22, 2019

This month, I had the privilege of meeting Walton Fort and learning all about his flea market booth, Walton Art 222. I not only fell in love with his unique paintings for sale, but also with the mission behind his business. If you stop by his booth at Space #551 you may even get a chance to see him in artistic action as he creates new pieces.

Tell Me About Your Paintings

"The acrylic paintings I produce and sell use a process of pouring a variety of colors onto a canvas or tile and then using one of many techniques to get interesting patterns, and colors of which you’ll never see two alike."

"My favorite technique is called the 'dirty pour.' I also use a floating cup and string pull to produce patterns. I am selling all shapes and sizes. No two are identical or even in the least the same" 

Walton's paintings are all one-of-a-kind. People purchase them to decorate their homes, offices, or to give as a special gift.

How did you get started at the Shipshewana Flea Market?

"It's a unique story. It's more than a business for me. A portion of the proceeds from the paintings are donated to a charitable organization called Destiny Rescue to assist with their mission of rescuing children trapped in exploitation."

"My paintings sell from just $5 up to $144. The other gift items in the booth are by donation."

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What's your favorite part of being a vendor here?

“I live for the encounter with the shoppers and being able to share my love of God. This craft allows for doors to be cracked open to support my ministry work too.”

Walton has an amazing and warm personality. He also knows a ton of random trivia, which helps him connect with shoppers who pass or stop by his booth.

“When I see someone pass, I'll sometimes challenge them with a bit of trivia. That opens the door to a conversation, and the conversation can often start a good discussion, which may lead to a sale." 

Meet Walton at the Shipshewana Flea Market each Tuesday and Wednesday during the regular outdoor season.

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