Flea Market Vendor Winter Prep Checklist

Post Date: Jan 07, 2022

Congratulations! You've made it through the hectic Christmas season; Craft Shows, Handmade Bazaars and Open Houses galore! Since the Christmas rush is through, you might be wondering what's next! After all the anticipation and hype of such a joyous and festive day, what is there to do now?

It's hard to shift gears from such a busy time to a time that has a much different pace. Even though the days are short, they seem long. To simply put it, there's not much going on. 

So... now what?

Well, let me tell you... January is the perfect time to prepare yourself for the upcoming flea market year.

So, go make some hot chocolate, put on some fuzzy slippers and hunker down with my "Winter Prep Checklist".

Organization is one of those skills that if you got it, you got it. If you don't, you don't. 

If you're organized, you're going to love this checklist. 

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If you're maybe not so much of an organized person and "organization" was maybe one of your New Year's resolutions, allow me to help you! 

I've put together a printable 2-sided calendar. You can print out one copy for each month, 3-hole punch and put in a binder. Bam! Organization. 

How To Use: 

Calendar Side

Use the calendar to mark important dates such as events/shows, when you should be preparing for each show. and any application deadlines for upcoming shows.

Use the "Events" section to list out all your events for the month.

Back Side

There are 4 different blocks on the backside:

  1. Needs
  2. Goals
  3. Possible Problems,
  4. Solutions

Write out the needs of each of your shows within the "Needs" block.  

Example: If the event is outdoors, you'll probably need a pop-up tent... write it down! 

Here's a packing checklist to help organize the physical items to bring to your events.

Or maybe this section can be used as a listing area for things you will need, but currently don't have... or things you will have to get done before a certain date. 

Use the "Possible Problems" & "Solutions" sections to navigate you through different scenarios. Think about what could go wrong first and solve those problems before they happen!

Example: What if it rains? Solution: Rain boots, Large Umbrella, bring stock of ponchos to sell. 

Don't overlook the "Goals" block... wait no, Never overlook the Goals block!

Goals are what you are aiming for... they are what make the success and progress of your business. 

Write them down!

How many bibs do you want to sell? What dollar amount do you want to make?

Write it all down and aim for it!

Prepare and plan ahead for the flea market year by making January the most useful month yet!

If you'd like to download a printable version of the checklist, click here, or here... or here!

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