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7 Exciting Things to Do at Eby’s Indoor Family Fun Near Shipshewana

Post Date: Sep 18, 2017

Just like our delightful visitors, it is sometimes a challenge to find fun things to do during the evening or on Sunday for us locals in Shipshewana. Well Eby's Indoor Family Fun is nearby and open on Sundays too!

Eby’s Family Fun, located in Bristol is only 12 ½ miles away, and is open late certain evenings and even open on Sundays! Yes, Sundays! (Except for June, July and August - check their hours ahead because special times are offered seasonally.) This indoor activity center is also a great place to visit when the weather is not cooperative during your Shipshewana travel or when you are looking for something to do after normal store hours or even on Sunday. It really lives up to its name and is so much fun, I wonder why I hadn't discovered it before but so glad I have now? I've lived in the area nearly 3 year and just recently learned about all the exciting things they have for kids (and kids at heart) just a few miles west on IN-120. With so much to do in this lively roller rink, it is definitely worth sharing with everyone coming to visit the area. Discover more things to do in Shipshewana on Sundays.

1. Roller Skating

Roller skating is one of our family favorites and with a wood floor, modern lights, and stellar sound system, skating at Eby’s is packed with fun for all ages. The floor is alive with black lights (so think about that when you pick out your clothes). My son loves to wear all white to get the best effect in this fun lighting. The music is upbeat and fun to skate to (and they even offer Christian Skate Nights – playing contemporary Christian music). There are special times set aside for teens and families, you can reserve a party during public hours, or you can even book the entire roller rink for your family and friends with a private skate party for groups of 40 or more! We loved getting out on the floor, holding hands and skating round and round while leaving our worries from the week behind for a while. Despite one tumble I took, we all had a great time! (Helpful Tip: You must have socks to skate and teen skates have a dress code of no short shorts, tanks or hats on teen skate night.)


2. Laser Tag

Ok, so I have never played laser tag till now, but this was so fun! You and your friends or foes will learn all the tips and tricks to beating your opponent in the briefing room. Then you suit up in the state-of-the-art phazer technology vests and put your newly learned skills to the test. Ok, so my 8-year-old son outscored me, but I did manage to beat my 13-year-old daughter. You can score by shooting your opponent or their base (similar to capture the flag). But, beware, you may have an enemy who has found a very distant secret location and can take you out without even being seen! (Which I found was the case with the sly kids I brought with me – may have to leave them home next time). With the same black light technology, you might think about dressing in darker clothes for this one so you don’t become the next glowing target. So much fun and whether you are young or old, this activity evens the playing field. Finally, when you are all done you can get a souvenir print out of your score and compare hits in the snack bar! (Helpful Tip: You must be at least 44” to play due to the vest sizes and you must have a shirt with sleeves – t-shirts are ok – to play tag.)


3. Birthday Parties

The recent birthday party we were invited to here was so fun. The boys played laster tag till they were completely exhausted. These guys ate pizza, drank soda and had plenty of fun things they could do here to burn off the extra energy from all the sugar. There were several party areas available including the “Little Monster’s” Glow Party Room, and the friendly staff helped the kids navigate all the fun so that the parents didn't have to stress over the details because they had already been worked out! Birthday party options are available with skating, laser tag and mini-bowling or several combination options for as few as 8 kids. And if you think it will break the bank… well let me tell you it won’t. Having traveled much farther to other indoor party locations, Eby’s Family Fun is one that is also affordable for just about any birthday budget since they offer so many party choices!

4. Snacking at Little Monster’s Cafe

The snack bar serves up delicious food including pretzels and nachos & cheese, and other fun party foods like pizzas, hot dogs, potato wedges and more. On our recent visit, we tried for the first time, the pepperoni bread which was warm and crisp with a burst of garlic flavor, YUM! Next time we have to have the ice cream and one-of-a-kind candy items they offer as well.

5. Mini Bowling

A new addition is the mini bowling. You might be a great bowler, but this small ball system may challenge those skills. The lane is shorter, and the mini balls have no holes. I don’t think there is a proper form as I had more gutters than I care to admit in my game. So next time, bumpers for me for sure! So fun to play this inexpensive arcade style bowling game. And, it also awards tickets for strikes and spares. Any guesses on how many tickets I walked away with? Ok, I did get one lucky strike, but that was it and my daughter confiscated my winnings for herself since the boys already won their own!

6. Awesome Arcade

What indoor party place wouldn’t be complete without an arcade? These kids of course loved earning tickets and the games were so exciting as you can see by the look of anticipation as they waited to see if they hit the jackpot - which in some games can be 100 tickets or more! They also loved the extra chance for a little more competition (especially the ones who lost their round of laser tag.)

7. Spending Prize Tickets

Before leaving, they fed the ticket machine for a final receipt before spending entirely too much time deciding how to spend their tickets in the fun redemption area. (Helpful Tip: If you have a birthday kid, don’t forget to stop by and ask for a chance to spin the Birthday Wheel. Mom or dad must be present so see staff for specifics but they can win a free prize.)

While a lot of skating rinks have come and gone, this family-owned roller rink is here to stay and they are all about providing a great place where families can have fun together. I have many fun-filled memories with my youth group in my home-town skating for hours and logging miles, going in circles with friends and family. I hope to build some of those same memories with my own kids now that I have found Eby's Family Fun. And now that you are in-the-know, you can begin to build some of of your own too. Great for all ages and anyone who would like to head out for a fun time with the kids while here for a unique Shipshewana getaway. To get there, just head north on IN-5/S. Van Buren St. to IN-120. (Approx. 3.5 miles). Turn left and proceed approx. 8.5 miles and Eby’s Family Fun is on your right.

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