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Date: Jun 17, 2016

Flea Market Vendor Spotlight: Pink Zebra & Patches Crafts

When I walked into booth 460 and 461 last week, I just knew I had hit the jackpot. Why? Because in a single flea market tent, there were not one...but TWO amazing vendors!

This is their first year with the Shipshewana Flea Market, and they ended up in the same tent after both of their canopies got caught in the wind during opening week. Now they share a permanent tent, and have become friends.

Pink Zebra: Booth #460

The first vendor is named Roxanne, and she is an independent consultant for Pink Zebra. She sells 95 percent soy scented sprinkles. And let me tell you, they smelled AMAZING. On this particular Wednesday, Roxanne was warming up some apple scented sprinkles that were making the entire booth smell delicious.

"I can help shoppers customize their own fragrances by choosing combinations of sprinkles," said Roxanne.

She even has these adorable soaks which will add a cute decoration to any room, plus make it smell awesome.

Visit Roxanne to smell Pink Zebra products yourself! Or, shop now online at

Patches Crafts: Booth #461

On the left side of the booth sat Diana, who owns Patches Crafts.

"They call me the towel lady," Diana said.

Diana sews and creates kitchen towels with fabric tops on them so that they can easily be buttoned anywhere. She also hand-makes scrubbies out of nylone net material, crocheted dish rags, pillows, candle rings, table runners, Christmas Decorations & Mini Trees, handmade beaded ceiling fan pulls and jewelry.

I loved watching her "crochet" the kitchen scrubbies. And all of the repurposed home decor items she has made me want to re-decorate my kitchen! 

Diana and Roxanne are at booth #460 & #461 the Shipshewana Flea Market every Tuesday and Wednesday from May through the first Saturday in October, from 8 am - 5 pm. 

View a full listing of vendors by picking up a print directory while you're at the flea market, or download our all-new free mobile app.

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