This Vendor Sells Handmade, Vintage & Antique Upcycled Items You’ll Love!

Post Date: Jul 22, 2022

Learn what this handmade vendor who is here for the full-season every year has to offer shoppers at Shipshewana Flea Market, plus some great tips for other flea market vendors whether new or seasoned!

How long have you been selling at this outdoor flea market?

I have been in business for myself since I was pregnant with my son in 1990. Two years later I had a daughter and that's when the business really became full time. It allowed me to care for my kids while also making an income. I would drag them to craft shows and even had a shop in my home, but finally made the decision to sell at Shipshewana Flea Market and have been doing that the last 10 years now!

What's your favorite product to create?

I have to say my favorite item to create is painted windows. As an artist, there's just a blank slate and I never know when I get a window, what I am going to paint on it. Sometimes a window may set around for 2 years and then all of a suddent it's like... "That's what needs to be on that window!"

What is your best selling item?

The t-shirts and items with quotes are a favorite of mine and sell well. I come up with some sayings, and some are from things I hear or see, but people just really love them. One of my favorites is... "It's weird being the same age as old people. - Author Unknown"

What got you started doing what you love and selling your artwork?

I do love to create things. I used to paint and make things for 4-H and even remember sticking all my artwork up on the wall and having an art show for my dad to come in and see. My parents had a ceramic shop when I was younger and would sell items there so it's a passion that has really been passed down from my family.

Where do you find the items you upcycle, paint on or repurpose?

I find some things at yard sales and even have friends and family who know that when they are out and about and see things lke free even on the side of the road, they pick it up and say "she's gona sell it!" I also buy at auctions, like Shipshewana Auction and other small markets. Making new things out of old items is exciting and gives me purpose.

A small business with a big heart!

When you shop Teulker's Treasures, you're not only helping to support a small business, but supporting the small businesses and even ministry that she holds dear to her own heart. Suzanne purchases one of her products (the laser cut wood shapes) that she paints and makes into fun signs and decor for her shoppers from a ministry that supports men coming out of rehab with work to turn their lives around. "The fact I get to help these people while running my own business is so rewarding."

What advice do you have for vendors just starting out or even seasoned vendors?

There are a few things that come to mind.  For me, I had to learn that:

  1. It takes more than a month or even a year to really get established.
  2. Take the opportunity to supplement that first year or two with craft shows or other special events.
  3. Be creative in your displays to draw people into your space so they can see all the amazing products you have to ofer them.

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