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Across the Road Indoor Market Vendors

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Shipshewana Across the Road Indoor Market Vendors

Here are a few spotlights on vendors who will be selling their wares at Shipshewana Across the Road. (In alphabetical order). Check out their stories and products! Want to become a vendor? Check our rates.

Vendor Spotlight: Norm the Artist

What kinds of products do you sell / makeI take old windows and paint on the panes. I paint flags, flowers, palm trees, lighthouses, abstract art and seasonal decor. The window frames are all original. People hang them in their living rooms, bedrooms or even on their sheds or barns.

How long have you been selling? 48 years. I'm in my 19th season as a vendor at Shipshewana Flea market.

How did you get started?  I was 20 years old when I started selling at craft shows and art shows. I got my start doing stained glass and painting on windows. 

What made you choose to sell at our new indoor market, Shipshewana Across the Road?  It gives me something to do in the winter. It will also be great for folks to have somewhere to go Christmas shopping.

Vendor Spotlight: The Sticker Shop / Pine Corner Merchandise

Tell me about yourselves: Our names are Dan & Katie Mae Miller. We live in LaGrange, Indiana, and own and operate The Sticker Shop and Pine Corner Merchandise. 

How did you get started selling? We started as a mail order business for the Amish and grew from there. This is our eighth year as a vendor at the Shipshewana flea market, and we'll be doing the Shipshewana Across the Road Fall Indoor Market too.

What products will you offer?  Puzzles, Rag Rugs, Little Golden Books, Auto Coasters, Regular Absorbent Coasters, Adult Coloring Books, Scrapbooking Supplies, Rubber Stamps, Toys, Little Gifts, Children's Activity Books and more.

Why are you excited to start Shipshewana Across the Road? We have needed an indoor flea market and a weekend market for the working crowd, and now there will be one!

Vendor Spotlight: Tags N Things

Tell me about yourself:  My name is Dick Baldwin and I own Tags N Things along with my wife. I'm from Jones, Michigan.

How long have you been selling pet supplies? It's my 26th year.

Tell me about your products: I sell things for your pets. This includes No-pull harnesses (7 different styles that fit 7" to 46" chests), Pet ID tags, collars (including rechargeable lighted ones!), muzzles, car safety harnesses, strollers, play pens, winter clothes, and pet life jackets.

Do you engrave the ID tags? Yes! It takes just a couple of minutes and is just $9 for the tag and engraving. My engraver goes over the words five times so that it's deeper than most. 

Why should people shop "Shipshewana Across the Road?" Bargains, service and smiles!!! And to see me (Dick). ;)

Vendor Spotlight: Taproot Tees

Tell me about yourself. Kim Cole and I (Darci Denton) are local artists from Columbia City, Indiana. We sell hand-painted t-shirts and sweatshirts with our business, Taproot Tees. The artwork is all original and each T-shirt has a positive and meaningful message. 

What's so great about your T-shirts?  They are all painted by hand with fabric paint. The paint is water-soluble and eco-friendly. We create each design in our farmhouse the old-fashioned way with a screen. They are dried on clotheslines all over our house! The T-shirts we sell are unisex, but they fit best on women. Our sweatshirts are awesome too...they are made in California.

Where do you get your inspiration? We see so much negativity in this world today. So many things and people are telling us negative and meaningless things, that we wanted to make an impact by making and selling positive, meaningful t-shirts. We're changing the world one T-shirt at a time.

How did you get your start? Kim had done some clothing design work and we decided to give selling our t-shirts a start by getting a spot at the Shipshewana Flea Market in 2013. Now, we do about 12 shows a year, an online store and farmer's markets.

Why should people shop "Shipshewana Across the Road"? Anytime you can get away from big-box stores and get locally made, handcrafted products, you should. Folks here in Shipshewana are friendly and honest. There is a real mid-western feel to this place. Plus, it's an enjoyable thing to do!

Learn more on their website:

Facebook: @TaprootTees

Vendor: Creation Corner

Products: Minerals, fossils, genuine stone jewelry, custom stone cutting and slabbing, wire gemstone trees, lessons and personal assistance.

Vendor: Art by Marlene

Tell me about yourself. My name is Marlene Lehman and I will be selling antiques, essential oils, diffusers, and my paintings!

How long have you been making / selling?  I have been painting for 30 years and selling for 25 years.

What is your favorite thing to paint? I love painting sunsets. It's also my favorite thing to teach when I do painting workshops.

What is your favorite part about being a vendor? I like when people come back and see me. As a vendor, you make lots of friends.

Vendor: Handmade by Carol

Tell me about yourself: My name is Carol Zeigler, and I'm from Auburn, Indiana.

What kinds of products do you sell? I sew doll clothes that fit 15" and 18" dolls. I also make fleece blankets and knitted / crocheted dish cloths.

How did you get your start? I learned to sew when I was 11 years old. Later, I ran the sewing department at the Turner Dolls factory south of Bloomington, Indiana. I've been a vendor at the Shipshewana Flea Market for 5 years with my doll clothes that I design. My favorite part is coming up with the outfits!

Which doll clothes are the best sellers? People like the Frozen outfits, bridal gowns, cheerleader, and the ice skater.

What made you choose to sell at Shipshewana Across the Road Indoor Market? I wanted to try it out because I love getting involved in everything!

Vendor: Jo's Crafts

Tell me about yourself: My name is Jo Armbruster, and I own Jo's Crafts. I'm from Ohio

What kinds of products do you sell?  I sell my handmade washable rag rugs, goose clothes for cement geese, table runners, glassware, antiques/collectibles, and birdhouses made out of barn siding.

How did you learn to weave? My husband bought me a loom, so I just taught myself!

What materials do you make your rugs out of? Any kind of scrap! Blue jeans, T-shirts, salvage ends of fleece blankets are just a few examples.

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