You have to try an Old Amish Recipe at this Shipshewana Candy Store!

Post Date: Nov 18, 2022

This Amish owned candy store in Shipshewana will definitely be one I begin frequenting for their delicious homemade brittle brackle.

Where you can find them.

Located on the second floor of Yoder's Red Barn Shoppes, Victorian Candy Company has a recipe that makes my mouth water just thinking about the soft brittle that is filled with surprises like peanuts, cashews, pretzels and pecans. I recently got a behind-the-scenes tour of how this delicious old Amish recipe is made right here in my hometown.

(If you happen to wander in at just the right time, you can even watch them make some of these sweet treats through the many viewing windows they have in their candy kitchen.)

How they make this sweet treat.

The brittle starts with simple ingredients but through the handiwork and craft of the candy maker, turns into a sweet irresistible treat. One of the most important ingredients, sugar, is poured into a large mixing bowl that begins to heat and turns into the confectionary creation and during the peak of season, they make a batch a day, adding up to 36 lbs. of sugar alone each week. Once the secret combination of ingredients hit the perfect temp, the bubbly mixture is poured onto a large moving belt.

Next, this ribbon of brittle runs through a cutting device shaped like a hexagon, and leaves a perfect layer of goodness ready to cool and package. (The cutting shape reminds me of a honeycomb and the final product is just as sweet). The complete shapes are packaged in 1/2 lb. bags and sealed for sale on their store shelves - talk about fresh product! And, see those incomplete shapes at the bottom? That’s where the samples come from… oh yeah there are plenty of samples! And I tried them all and have to say I have a hard time choosing a favorite, but the pecan reminds me of my favorite pie so I’ll stick with that one if I must narrow it down.

Other yummy "can't miss" sweets.

They have a huge variety of other delicious chocolate covered delectables like pretzels, twinkies, oreos, marshmallows, mini muffins, rice krispies, and more. They even make a chocolate dipped potato chip for those who prefer a savory pairing.

Unique and JUST Plain Fun & Odd Candies.

The most unique creation I just could not get past was the gummy worm, what??? Ok I just had to try one. I thought it would be awful (mainly because I really don’t like gummy worms at all) but I have to say… quite delicious. The tart fruitiness of the gummy worm combined with the smooth sweet chocolate reminded me of a chocolate covered strawberry! I even got one of the neighboring store owners at Lotions and Potions to try one and although she doesn't look too excited to try it either, well let's just say she was as equally surprised with how good it really was.

They also sell all kinds of other unique candies, as well as, a few yummy sugar-free selections made by none other than my new neighbor, yes I have a certified candy store two doors down! Where else can you find local, delicious hand made treats that are as sweet and tasty as they are unique? Visit Victoria Candy Company on your next visit Amish country and see for yourself.

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