Lasting Impressions Gift Shoppe in Downtown Shipshewana Is a Must-Stop for Unique Items

Post Date: Apr 05, 2019

Lasting Impressions Gift Shoppe (fitting name, right?) is a store in downtown Shipshewana, Indiana, that became one of my favorite shops when I moved here over 4 years ago. It continues to be on my "just gotta stop in to see what's new" list to this day.

Sometimes, certain shops will leave a good "lasting impression" on you. This is one of those cases

Lasting Impressions Gift Shoppe, a quaint store located at 145 Harrison Street started as a residential home before it became a bustling little retail shop 22 years ago. Now, it sees many of the 2 million visitors who come to the town of Shipshewana each year.

Tonya, Lasting Impression's owner and operator, has turned the shop into an amazing store with unique jewelry, scarves, handbags, skincare, garden, and home decor. 

Tonya's family helps to staff the shop and they even make some of the products themselves! For example, Tonya's dad and daughter make awesome silverware jewelry right here in Shipshewana.

Papa makes the spoon rings while Kelsey makes the fork earrings. You have to see these for yourself to truly appreciate the artistic talent that goes into making them.

Looking for more products that are made in Indiana? You have to check out these soy candles by Antique Candle Co., a Christian company from Lafayette, IN. The scents include Sage & Citrus, Lavender, Country Pear, Momma’s Kitchen, and Back Roads.. They definitely smell amazing!

The candles are made with hand-poured wax from natural soybeans, fine oils and a natural cotton wick for a clean, long-lasting, even burn. 

Lasting Impressions also carries a variety of home and garden items including the Squirrel Squngee Feeder - their number one seller!

Just hang the feeder, attach a cob of corn, and your neighborhood squirrels will be feasting and getting their exercise all while providing you with great entertainment. It's hilarious to watch and entertaining for the squirrel. It will have you grinning from ear-to-ear! (no corn pun intended).

They also carry adorable and functional hummingbird houses. I have purchased them for Mother's Day gifts and not only are they the cutest little things you have ever seen, hummingbirds are drawn to these habitats.

If you follow the simple instructions for hanging them, you too will soon have some of these beautiful birds calling your backyard home.

Lasting Impressions also carries a great health and beauty line. I fell in love with the amazing lip gloss that features not only a mirror but also a lighted lipstick applicator making sure your look is flawless.

Another item that really has me excited is the donut bath bombs. Nowhere else can you get zero-calorie donuts in Shipshewana helping save a little on your waistline!

I could go on and on about so many more items they carry like the lotions, earrings made from fishing lures, birdhouses of all kinds, garden flags, fairy garden supplies, bags, purses, accessories, and so many great gift-giving ideas.

You wouldn't believe what all they have fit into this quaint little space and they will give you the friendliest welcome every time you visit!

This is just one stop on a list of many that you will enjoy when you plan your next visit to Shipshewana.

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