How Amazing is the Shipshewana Pajama Day Sale

Post Date: Jan 17, 2020

11 Reasons you should be in Shipshewana for the Pajama Day Sale

The Shipshewana Pajama Sale has become a winter tradition for so many Shipshewana enthusiasts. Each year, we have tons of amazing people who enjoy an overnight stay in beautiful Shipshewana just so they can get out and catch the best deals in town for the Annual Pajama Day event.

Below is a list of 11 Amazing Reasons You Have to Shop in Shipshewana for the Annual Pajama Day Event!

1. Its like a costume party for shoppers

People watch and get ideas for next year’s annual trip to Shipshewana for this special once-a-year day of fun

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2. Unique finds around every corner

Even the locals know where to be on Pajama Sale day! Shipshewana is home to 70+ specialty shops so you’re sure to find something unique for that perfect gift, decorate your home or many other shopping desires you have to fill your list for the year.

3. Straight from bed to bargains without fuss

Don’t spend time fussing over your outfit, hair or other fashion nonsense, just throw off the covers and shop to your heart’s content.

4. Deals and Bargains in nearly every store.

Shipshewana shops pull out all the great deals, but definitely hurry in early as that is when you catch the best bargains and many stores do require you to sport your PJs. (We don’t call it Pajama Day Sale for no reason.)

5. Make New Friends

Meet other unbelievable Shipshewana shopping enthusiasts in their PJ’s while shopping all over town

6. Create a Tradition

Being an event that began in the early 90's, many of our guests have been coming for years. Start a new tradition with your girlfriends, your daughter, your mother or the entire family.

7. Indulge in Shipshewana treats without having to get out of the stretchy pants, PJ’s already fit that bill

8. Curlers never looked so good!

Come right out of bed, even in your curlers and no judgement… we pinkie promise

9. It’s Fun the Whole Family can enjoy

Bring the whole family, and shop and play the day away. The kids (OK, adults too) will love the carousel at the Mercantile or the Music Store, Toy Store or Candy Store… Need we say more. Mom will love the amazing home décor, Dad will even love to indulge in some great tasting treats or man cave items and you never know what our merchants might have in stock each year at this time, because they are usually stocking up on the newest and latest products for the coming shopping season.

10. Picture perfect setting for an unbelievable shopping experience

11. It’s an excuse for a slumber party for all ages

Get your room early because they tend to book up quickly. This is the perfect opportunity to take part in a slumber party and stay up and laugh the night away with friends just like when you were in grade school.

What are you waiting for, if this list doesn’t convince you we don’t know what will? Join us in Shipshewana and see why shopping in your jammies will become a favorite before you know it.

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