Flea Market Vendor Spotlight: The Pot Slot

Post Date: Jun 25, 2019

This month, I am spotlighting one of our newest full-season vendors here at the Shipshewana Flea market...The Pot Slot! This flea market vendor's unique product has been such a hit this year with all kinds of plant lovers!

I had the chance to meet and talk with the Tim (below, left) and Will (below, right), co-owners of The Pot Slot at booth 671.

Having no idea what to expect at this booth, once I got there, I couldn’t stop oohing, aahing, asking questions and getting ideas for how to use this awesome product in my own garden and home!

The Pot Slot is such a cute display for plants in terra cotta or clay pots! Great for a front porch or a deck!

Check out my interview with Tim and Will below.

How did you get started selling The Pot Slot at the Flea Market?

Tim: "I am a Northern Indiana native, and recently moved back to the area after selling in a French Market in New Orleans. I remember visiting the flea market with my mom when I was younger and trips here with my friends. When I moved back, I knew I wanted to sell here.”

He did not always sell The Pot Slot, but sold sheets since around 2009. When he realized the need for something fresh and new he expanded upon an idea that has been around for decades and that turned into the Pot Slot!

What is your favorite part about selling at the Shipshewana Flea Market?

Tim: "I like being able to share ideas on how The Pot Slot can beautify your home and the many ways you can change the pots and how they are displayed." 

Will: "I love to talk to people about plants, general plant care and the many varieties you can use in The Pot Slot."

What is the most innovative way you have heard The Pot Slot being used?

“We had one customer who joked about not having a green thumb who uses The Pot Slot to display garlic pods, small onions and kitchen utensils in her home."

"You can also continue their use year-round by adding Indian corn, fall flowers, or poinsettias and Christmas bulbs until spring comes along when you can fill them with beautiful plants, herbs or succulents.”

Do you have any advice for new flea market vendors?

“Never assume who might or might not be a buyer for your product. I have realized some of the most non-assuming shoppers will be the very one to make a purchase.

"Simply treat every browser as if they will be your customer, you never know when they will surprise you and convert to a paying customer!”

Be sure to visit Tim and Will at the Shipshewana Flea Market at booth 671 this season! 

You can follow The Pot Slot on:
Instagram: The Pot Slot
Facebook: The Pot Slot

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