Flea Market Booth Display Tips: Easy Set-Up & Use of Space

Post Date: Aug 13, 2018

Part 2 in a Series of Booth Display Tips from Shipshewana Flea Market. (Read the first booth display tip blog here

Saving time and making the most out of what you have will help maximize your profit. Not spending hours upon hours on setting up and tearing down as well as putting a little less cost into displaying your items by getting creative with what you have will contribute to an increase in profit. You'll have more time to create product or stay organized and less money spent on unnecessary displays!

Here are some great booth display tips that will help you begin thinking about your own flea market or craft show set-up.

Practical Booth Display Tip #2: Easy Set-Up & Tear-Down

This practical booth display tip is to create a look with easy set-up and tear-down. It's inspired by Tonya Hutson, who has booth # 655 here at the Shipshewana Flea Market. Tonya sells beautiful custom-fit toe rings!

Tonya has a beautiful, inviting AND easy set-up/tear-down display. There aren't many parts to her display, but the pieces she does have really maximize audience appeal.

Her pop-up canopy provides coverage from the sun while also creating designated space. Her adorable indoor/outdoor rug screams "Come see me, I'm cute and trendy!" but most importantly it contributes to a clean, comfortable, rock-free surface for her to work on. 

Her furniture is comfortable for customers to sit on. It also folds up easily and is able to be thrown in her vehicle, along with signs that can lay flat and be stacked, saving space. Go, Tanya!

Creative Booth Display Tip #2: Use of Space

This week's creative booth display tip is use of space. Inspired by two of our vendors, DNL Woodworks booth # 470 and Bloom N Things booth # 588.

Instead of placing their cargo net in a box or on a table, DNL Woodworks did something a little more with their product. They hung it from the rafters. YES! I love this because...

  1. They are using space that otherwise wouldn't be utilized
  2. You can see the entirety of the cargo net 
  3. It draws the eye up and around the area, bringing customer's attention to other product they might have otherwise missed!

Bloom N Things uses the same idea. By hanging items from their rafters, they are able to display more product than by just using table area. Hanging items from the ceiling generates the idea that you have a lot of product and you put thought into your business by carefully plotting out your display. 

*Note, if you're going to display products in the air/on rafters/high up, make sure it is secure and that you have a plan of how to get it down if someone buys it!

Take some time to think about these two tips, how can you be a little more organized when selling at flea markets? How can you simplify your set-up or how can you utilize overhead space?

Whether you're creative or a little more logic oriented, think about the display of your own booth and how you can continue to improve on your business.

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