Flea Market Booth Display Tips: Clearly Mark Prices & Evoke Nostalgic Feelings

Post Date: Sep 06, 2018

With hundreds of other vendors selling at the same flea market, and maybe some selling similar products as you, how do you get people to notice you? Part 3 in a Series of Booth Display Tips from Shipshewana Flea Market.

Much like reading through an article or leafing through a book, you’re more likely to look at and “read” the pictures more than anything. Think of your booth in the same way. Be the picture that stands out among words.

If you haven’t already, take some time to look through my previous booth display blogs:

Practical Booth Display Tip #3: Clearly Mark Prices

This practical booth display tip is to include signs and labels with clearly marked prices. Inspired by our Shipshewana Flea Market Vendor Nikki Kathan on space #288-289 & 314-315.

I know it’s a strategy for some to not post any prices and to rely solely on throwing out bids, but most others rely on a carefully calculated system to ensure they make money.

This is strictly a personal preference, but as a customer I DO NOT like having to ask how much something is…

And here’s why:

  1. Searching and searching for a price to inevitably ask, “How much?” only for the vendor to point out the world’s smallest price tag is frustrating!
  2. It’s a large booth, it’s crowded and I don’t want to have to track someone down. I have lots of other places to shop, I don't want to waste my time looking for prices. If you don't catch my attention with you amazing deals, I'm not going to stick around. 
  3. If I see it and like the price, I’m more likely to pick it up and buy it without hesitation. If I have to work for it, I probably won’t buy it.

I love how Nikki clearly marks all of her signs. She labels what the item is, the price is large and right there by the item. Plus, her amazing deals catch my attention and draw me into her booth.

There is no second-guessing on how much an item is. And if you pick something up and walk around with it while you shop, guess what?! She even has price stickers on all her items! You won’t have to try to remember what the price is!

Creative Booth Display Tip #3: Evoke Nostalgic Feelings

This featured creative display tip comes from the cutest little camper I’ve ever seen.  With a name that pairs perfectly, the look and feel of Happie Girl #461 creates a nostalgic burst of emotions.

From the Camper to the lady with the head wrap to the Tiki Umbrella and cute little step (yes, did you even notice the step? Now you do!), all these elements scream GOOD OLD DAYS!

Tugging on those nostalgic-packed feelings takes people back to a warm and safe place that lingers in the mind and stops time in its tracks. People love to be reminded of the past and feel a yearning for those good old days of sitting on the front porch sipping lemonade, snapping green beans with grandma.

When customers love your set-up, when they feel a sense of home and a reminder of the past, they will want to linger in your booth longer. Let them. Show them around, strike up a conversation with them. 

Besides, who doesn’t want to buy something from the cutest booth that brings out all the warm and fuzzy feelings?!

Take some time to think about these two tips, how can you display your prices differently and more effectively when setting up and selling at flea markets? How can you pull on those nostalgic feelings and create an emotional tie?

Whether you're creative or a little more logic oriented, think about the display of your own booth and how you can continue to improve on your business.

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