Crafting Junk Journals at the Farmstead Inn Maker’s Event

Post Date: Mar 24, 2023

The Farmstead Inn just hosted the first annual Maker’s Event and we met some of the most amazing crafters along the way.

Coming from Indiana, Illinois and Michigan, it was a group from various locations throughout the region; and they were just as diverse in the crafting mediums they created with. They spent 3 days making everything from seasonal décor, prom decorations, scrapbooks, quilts and general home décor to a unique item called the “junk journal”.

With the dedicated space and time, crafters were cranking out 6-15+ finished pieces that they said would just not be possible at home with the distractions of the day-to-day that each morning presents.

One crafter (from Central Indiana) recently started making junk journals and shared with us some of her creative pieces that she has recently discovered.

Q:  What is a junk journal?
A:  It’s simply a journal made out of junk!

Q:  Where do you find your junk?
  I use old mail, cards, magazines, recyclables, trash, scraps and generally anything and everything a crafter might scrap from other projects. I even use buttons to embellish them and anything else unique that is somewhat flat in nature.

Q:  What do you do with your junk journals?
  I have journaled in them and even given them as gifts (both completed and blank).

Q:  Where do you find some of your inspiration?
  Online, sometimes YouTube or Pinterest.

How to Make Your Own Junk Journal

  1. For the simplest instructions, you can use an already bound item, like an old calendar, spiral book or any number of things as your base material. Or you can start from scratch with anything from copy paper to any kind of loose paper and bind your own with thread.
  2. Take the pages and make them your own. Glue items onto them using the appropriate adhesive or bonding agent for the materials you have chosen. For example, when gluing fabric on, using something with very little water is best. Each bottle should contain directions for what materials it will bind, so just be conscientious of that fact.
  3. You can pick a theme, like maybe gardening or travels, and create a journal to capture special moments about your themed activity. Add elements like ribbon, stickers, doilies, magazine cutouts, old cards, or any creative material that is interesting and will hold up. Using natural materials like pressed flowers may be a little trickier as they are more fragile, but you could consider laminating those first and then using them.
  4. Be creative with your materials. Some other fun options she suggested include:
    • Buttons make a great decorative element for the cover.
    • Old manilla folders are great pockets throughout your journal for adding collections of things in your junk journal like special notes, pictures, etc.
    • You can write in a journal and give it to a loved one for a particular event like a wedding or baby shower or you can give the blank journal as a gift for the recipient to write in themselves.

Now you have it, Junk Journaling 101 and they said the more you make the better you get… Practice makes perfect! We’d love to see your junk journals one day so if you’re in the area or want to join us for next year’s Makers Event just talk to our group and conference planner and you can join in on the fun too!

Get creative and begin making your very own with everyday items and things you might have otherwise, just recycled or even thrown away.

More About This Unique Maker's Event

So why did all these ladies pack up all their stuff and haul it over two hours away to create it here at the Farmstead Inn in Shipshewana, IN. Well, I asked the same question and here are some of the things they said…

  1. We work together in the medical field so this is a nice outlet and makes a great overnight getaway since it’s right here in the heart of Indiana Amish Country.
  2. ­We don’t have to cook, do dishes or laundry while we are here. We don’t even have to make our own beds! Plus, the hot tub was nice too.
  3. There aren’t any interruptions that get in the way of our crafting projects.
  4. It’s worth the drive because of the experience we have here, and the dedicated time we get to spend on our crafting. Everyone is so friendly, even the people we’ve met this week, there are no strangers.
  5. This event also had some special speakers, so we met some of the local shop owners and found some new places we never knew about before.
  6. One pair added that they plan an annual “sister’s getaway” and this was what they chose to do to spend some extra quality time together and have a fun time away just enjoying one another’s company.

Interested in attending the Maker's Event or spending another time at the Farmstead Inn? Check out our packages and specials that are always changing and take an amazing road trip to Shipshewana, IN in Indiana's beautiful Amish Country!

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