A Little Nostalgia at Shipshewana Flea Market – The Licorice Guy

Post Date: May 29, 2020

All of those dime store flavors you had when you were a kid are available when visiting the Shipshewana Flea Market, by Gate 2 (Booth #1012) for this delicious treat at the Shipshewana Flea Market on Tuesday and Wednesday each week May through September.

I had the privilege of meeting Lexi aka Mrs. Licorice Guy, co-owner of The Licorice Guy featured here at Shipshewana Flea Market this week to learn all about how they got started and the unique product they offer to shoppers.

The Licorice Guy has gourmet jumbo licorice, made with less sugar and more flavor than traditional store brands. The licorice is always fresh and bursting with flavor. Made in nostalgic dime store flavors like Red, Black, Chocolate and Cinnamon, you will never get that waxy after-taste that is found in many other brands. Treat yourself and taste the difference of The Licorice Guy at the Shipshewana Flea Market, Booth #1012.

How they got started.

Alexandria met her husband right here at Shipshewana Flea Market and not only did a budding business begin, but a Shipshewana Love Story as well. He had an idea, took it to market and they now do fairs and festivals in 15 states and have been here at Shipshewana Flea Market for the past 6 years.

What makes it so delicious.

The Licorice Guy claims you’ll find their licorice has a third less sugar and a lot more flavor than other brands and in favorite flavors like their red (strawberry and cherry blend), black (with real licorice root flavoring), chocolate and cinnamon these jumbo pieces are really satisfying. Plus they have some new seasonal flavors only available during certain times of the year like watermelon, green apple and blue raspberry.

Fun Facts

  1. Only about 40% of the population likes licorice.
  2. Of those, even fewer like black licorice, but a true licorice lover will say black licorice is the “only” licorice.

How is Licorice Made?

Made right here in the USA, out of their home base in Ottowa, IL, the licorice is made with wheat, water, sugar, color, and flavor. It starts out in a cooking pot much like any other candy and the liquid ingredients go in until it reaches a certain boiling point and then they add the flour to give it almost a playdough texture before it goes through the extruder. The extruder is like that machine you had as a kid with the playdough that squirted it out, and in this case, into the jumbo sticks and packaged for freshness that can last 11 months.

Great Deals at Shipshewana Flea Market

Get the best prices right here at Shipshewana Flea Market with packages including the Trifecta and Grand Slam, but if you find yourself at home needing to order you can reach them through Facebook or TheLicoriceGuy.com and they can be shipped. Plus, if you’re a veteran or member of the military, mention that at their booth for additional savings as they appreciate the service and want to thank military personnel for all they do.

Whether you stuff it in Easter baskets, stockings, snack on it as an every day treat, or do something creative to enjoy it for parties or fun, you’ll discover the amazing taste of licorice all over again at Shipshewana Flea Market.

What advice do you have for a new vendor?

Alexandra shares the following advice for those just starting out.

  1. Consistency - Work hard to get your product out there to sell it.
  2. Get your product out there - The Shipshewana Flea Market staff are helpful getting you what you need to get a space, the marketing team helps to spread the word and fellow vendors are a great resource. We met another vendor at a show we were doing and she helped with booth display ideas, product placement. Shipshewana has an exceptional tourist attraction and people come out for unique things and we have unique things.
  3. Be proud of YOUR product - The way you feel about your product will resonate with the customers. All Licorice Guy vendors have red and black tents, to help people identify with the brand no matter where we are selling.

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