7 Amazing Home Decorating Tips by Bloom’n Things

Post Date: Aug 04, 2023

Veteran flea market vendor, Brenda LaRue, from Bloom'n Things, LLC in spaces 588-590 & 605, shares with us 7 great home decor tips that can be used for any space.

1. Place Biggest Items in First

Always put your biggest items (furniture, wall art, collections) in a space first. It's easier to fit in small items, than completely redo the area to make big items fit. Your largest items will be your focal point and you always want to highlight that!

2. Keep Like Items Together

Keep your look organized by putting items like picture frames, vases, candle holders, etc. together. Not everything has to match, but collectively they will make a more interesting arrangement.

3. Think BIG

Sometimes, placing a larger item rather than many small items is more impactful. Don't be afraid to try something that might at first appear too big for the space. (Not all space needs something to fill it either. Negative space can actually draw attention to the focal point of any wall.

4. Use Collections for Wall Art

Some of my favorite sets of pictures and photos together make a beautiful grouping. Think 2, 3 or 4 similar pictures that can be displayed in a row or square. Just leave a small amount of space between each one. Areas that work well for this type of treatment include above the headboard, dining room walls, above the sofa, and hallways.

5. For Tall Walls...

Remember tip #3! Tall walls make great features in a home, but usually your decor items need to be much larger than you think. No matter how trendy your items are, they will not look right if they are the wrong size for the space.

6. Plan Ahead

Try laying items out on the floor to visualize what placement would look best. Or, use painter’s tape to lay out sizes of items to see how they will look. Then, stand back to see what the arrangement will look like from 10 or 20 feet or take a photo. You'll be surprised at some of the things you'll see in the picture that you didn't notice before.

7. Make sure Faces are Looking at Each Other

This final tip came from my mom... (Thanks MOM!) When arranging photographs, birds, animals etc., always, have the faces or heads looking towards each other. If they are facing away, your eye will not know where to look. By turning them so they are facing each other, it creates the focal point and keeps your eye on them.

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