6 Perfect Donut Stops in Shipshewana

Post Date: Jun 12, 2018

You can buy these tasty treats all over Amish Country and every individual place creates them a little bit differently.  Although I wouldn’t suggest trying them all on the same morning (been there, done that… just sayin’) you have got to stop at each of these Shipshewana bakeries to taste them for yourself.

*All hours were accurate as of the post date, but are subject to change, so please call ahead before traveling to confirm. Like most local businesses, they are closed Sundays out of respect for the religious heritage in the area.

#1 Blue Gate Bakery

*Photo courtesy of: Blue Gate Bakery

The Blue Gate Bakery serves up fresh doughnuts Monday – Saturday from 7 am – 8 pm. Just north of the Midwest’s Largest Flea Market, they are located at 195 N. Van Buren Street right in the heart of downtown Shipshewana and within easy walking distance to the many unique specialty shops. They offer a full spread of delicious filled, powdered and iced doughnuts, including iced Long Johns, glazed, powdered and some stuffed and topped with all sorts of sweet seasonal combinations. You have to stop by to see what is new and in the display when you visit. Don’t forget to check out the gift shop, have lunch in the Restaurant, pick up theatre tickets for a show or even catch a buggy ride while you’re there.

#2 Country Lane Bakery

This quaint local Amish bakery is located in Middlebury off of US 20 at 59162 CR 43. Although they don’t offer doughnuts on their regular menu (baked cake doughnuts available by order), I couldn’t help but include them because they have some of the most delicious sweet treats and other bakery items around. Plus, the drive is so beautiful you won’t want to miss getting a chance to make your way there just to see a bit of Amish countryside. Open 5 am – 4 pm Tuesday – Friday and until 2 pm Saturday, you’ll find them located on a gorgeous Amish farm just a few minutes outside of Shipshewana.

#3 E & S Sales

Located on SR 5 just south of downtown Shipshewana, E & S Sales opens at 7:30 am and closes various hours throughout the week. You can enjoy Long Johns topped with caramel, vanilla or chocolate icing (their #1 seller in the doughnut line), fresh cream filled and iced doughnuts, glazed yeast doughnuts and twists. They also bake up turnovers, cookies, breads, pies and all kinds of delicious Amish treats. While there, don't miss the deli sandwiches, wraps and salads for lunch at The Lil' Deli at E & S.

#4 Mini Donut Trolley & Backyard Barnyard at Shipshewana Flea Market

If you are looking for some great donuts to start your shopping day at the Flea Market, you can stop by the Backyard Barnyard near the main entrance for a selection of fresh local Long Johns and glazed and filled confections which will keep you well energized while you walk the aisles for great finds and bargains. They are here serving up breakfast from 8 am - 10:30 am each Tuesday and Wednesday from May through September.

If a bite-size version is what you prefer, then look no further than the Mini Donut Trolley where you will find the sweetest mini - light vanilla, sweet cake donut sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Tastes like a little bit of heaven and you can buy a half bag (half dozen) or full bag (full dozen) to enjoy now or on the way home! The Donut Trolley is here 8 am – 5 pm each Tuesday and Wednesday from May through September.

#5 Next Door Neighbor Deli & Bakery

Specializing in the baked blueberry cake doughnut, this looks more like a piece of art than a doughnut. This treat was so moist and the delicious blueberry flavor was so light and sweet. Honestly this one surprised me as to just how much I enjoyed it. I will be ordering by the dozen next time on this one. Located at 11540 W SR 120 in Middlebury just a few minutes west of Shipshewana, you will want to slow down because you just might miss this great stop on your way through. Open from 6 am – 2 pm Monday - Saturday and located on a beautiful piece of countryside, you can enjoy other great foods while there including breakfast and lunch items. They also specialize in fruitcakes, yes, fruitcakes!

#6 Rise N’ Roll Bakery

This amazing local establishment holds the honor of their famous cinnamon caramel doughnut (aka Amish Crack) being named the official Doughnut of National Doughnut Day 2018. Located on US 20 just west of Shipshewana, this bakery has become a must-stop for many area visitors (and locals alike). I for one, love to swing by for breakfast on occasion (but my first choice for breakfast is their breakfast muffin or biscuits and gravy). Like I mentioned, I pick up those doughnuts for dessert as a sweet treat for later. My kids couln't resist the chocolate covered strawberry seasonal doughnut which was a strawberry filled doughnut, topped with chocolate frosting and drizzled with a beautiful pink icing as well. Looked too good to eat, but believe me they didn't leave a crumb behind.

Pictured above are doughnuts at Rise N' Roll in nearby Middlebury.

Besides all of the great bakery treats, they have a deli for lunch, lots of local jams and jellies and other canned pickles and treats. And if you are up for samples, you can taste the doughnuts and the dips, jams and other items while there. Also, don’t forget your free cup of coffee with every purchase. You’ll definitely add this one to your list every time you visit!

With so many other great local bakeries that make amazing amish treats, you'll want to start planning ahead. For other great places to eat or things to do while visiting Shipshewana, download the Free Amish Country Trip Planner!

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