6 Creative Gift Ideas from the Shipshewana Flea Market

Post Date: Sep 13, 2018

Gift giving can be easy for some, but so hard for others. There are a lot of factors that can add to the difficulty. What do you buy for someone who has everything? How can you shop on a limited budget? How do you know if someone will even like what you buy them? The list can go on and on... 

I don't have all the answers, but here are six creative gift giving ideas from Shipshewan Flea Market vendors that will help give you a little kick start for the gift buying season. You can even use some of these beyond the holidays for birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations.

1) Gifts that Fit In Your Stocking

My daughter has the smallest Christmas stocking in our family and I always tell her, big things come in small packages! Well, these gorgeous bracelets are most definitely going to be stuffed into stockings hanging near my fireplace this year. I love them for several reasons:

  1. They are fashionable and in style right now.
  2. They are super easy to put on.
  3. The snap jewelry style lets you change the charm to match anything you are wearing quickly and easily.

The bracelet with the blue flower - that can be changed out whenever you choose - actually looks like silverware handles. That vintage look is very trendy right now. Plus, it has a magnetic closure and can be put on with one hand very easily. I don't have to fumble with a clasp or get someone else to help me fasten it!

Find Them: Charms of Class, Space #791

2) Customizable Gifts

It can be so hard to find great teacher gifts or the perfect gift for that person who just seems to have everything! A floating charm necklace is perfect for everyone because it is completely customizable based on the charms you select to display inside. These are just perfect because:

  1. The options are numerous since they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can even get a key ring instead of a necklace.
  2. There are hundreds of styles of charms to choose from.
  3. You can buy new charms for birthdays or other celebrations and add to the collection of this lucky gift receiver.

Find Them: Space #618

3) Personalized Gifts

These pine names are cute, inexpensive and who doesn't love to see their own name on something they receive? This personalized gift is perfect for sitting on a desk, painting to add personal style and flair, displaying on a mantle or hanging on the wall. These are also great gifts for people of all ages and at just $2/letter makes them super affordable too.

Find Them: Space #503

4) Gifts that Surprise

Bird feeders are not just for spring & summer. Surprise someone with a gift that reminds them spring will be here soon. These cute bird feeders are perfect year-round options to give for any occasion.

When giving for the Christmas season, yes, they can be filled with a winter seasonal mix that satisfies the hungry birds through fall and winter. Cardinals and blue jays are particularly grateful in this region, and, it will provide you with hours of bird watching entertainment when you are all snowed in.

Find Them: Lambright Country Chimes, Space #382-383

5) Gifts that are Functional

I love a gift that helps me stay organized and is functional. In fact one of my favorite gifts ever was a salad spinner! I know, seems crazy right? But I wouldn't know what to do without it.

Totes for the car or minivan are perfect for storage of all kinds of items that can get lost under the seat or in the trunk. These cute totes are perfect for keeping groceries from rolling around or for gathering sports equipment and gear. They come in all sorts of patterns so you can find one that is sure to fit everyone's taste.

Find Them: Star Fashion, Space #197-199

6) One-of-a-Kind Gifts

If you have the time and want a truly unique gift, you can search projects for any skill level on sites like Pinterest or Facebook. Seems like my feed is full of ideas that I never end up having time for.

Gifts from the heart mean so much more and it really shows in the reactions they create. These special gifts can be simple or complex, it really doesn't matter. Whether you take some old Ball jars and fill them with cookie or soup mix; chalk paint an old window, table or chair for a unique item; or add some interesting hooks to an old piece of barn wood for a really special hall tree, the list is endless... so get creative!

Find Items to Repurpose or Upcycle for the Perfect Gift Here: Shipshewana Auction

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