5 Things to Love About Rise’n Roll Bakery & Deli

Post Date: Dec 28, 2017

Rise'n Roll is an amazing bakery and deli just minutes from Shipshewana.

If you're on the hunt for the world's best donut and haven't tried Rise' n Roll Bakery & Deli in Middlebury, Indiana, well, you are surely missing out.

Rise'n Roll is an amazing bakery and deli just minutes from Shipshewana. They are famous for their quality and excellent customer service, but it's the baked goods that have visitors coming back time after time.

According to their website, Rise'n Roll was started by a young Amish couple in 2001 who sold high quality baked goods from their front porch. Three years later, they had a small store front and soon began to grow and grow in popularity. In 2009, they sold their business to a non-Amish family, and moved it to a new facility. Now, Rise'n Roll has franchises in several cities in the Midwest.

Here are our five reasons to love Rise'n Roll.

1. The Cinnamon Caramel Donuts

Rise'n Roll's cinnamon caramel donuts are so amazing and addictive, the locals like to jokingly call them "Amish crack." 

These delicious donuts are yeast raised, covered in homemade caramel icing, and then generously topped with cinnamon powder. You can't help but say, "Mmmmmm" after taking your first bite.

It's hard to explain in words how magnificent these donuts are, as they don't really compare to any other donut. They definitely melt in your mouth and your taste buds will thank you.

Please note: Even if you do not typically enjoy cinnamon or caramel, please give these donuts a try. I have met people who haven't liked either flavor, but truly love Rise'n Roll's donuts.

2. Free Coffee

You heard me right. Free coffee. Because what goes better with a mouth-watering donut?

They also have hot chocolate, cappuccinos, and iced coffee available for purchase.

3. The Deli

Looking for a quality sandwhich, cup of soup or salad? Stop into Rise'n Roll for lunch sometime. They have a great deli at their Middlebury location, and even have a breakfast menu too!

Favorites include Turkey Ham & Swiss, Chicken Bacon Ranch, and Veggie Wraps. And you've got to try the broccoli salad as your side. The blend of broccoli, raisins and bacon is something to write home about.

Also, be sure ask what the soup of the day is as it's always nice to warm up with a bowl of homemade soup.

4. The Bakery

Make sure you take time to walk around the shop, because when you do, you're eyes will feast upon the huge variety of homemade baked baked items Rise'n Roll has to offer.

Choose from pies, cakes, cookies, muffins, breads, cinnamon rolls, and all kinds of donuts. They even have a selection of gluten free products. So go ahead and indulge a little - but remember to share with your friends and family. They'll thank you.

5. The Shop

When in Amish country, one must SHOP! And you'll love doing so at Rise'n Roll. Make sure you try out all they have to offer including apple butter, noodles, jams, salsas, pickles and so much more.

So the next time you're near Shipshewana, be sure to stop at Rise'n Roll. Your taste buds will have field day. 

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