5 Shipshewana Stops Every DIY Lover Must Visit

Post Date: Nov 10, 2023

If you are like me, you probably spend entirely too much time day-dreaming about all of the possible projects you could create, repurpose or make for your home. As proof, my Pinterest page is full of them, and most are quite honestly WAY over my skill set. Here are 5 inspirational stops for you to try out for yourself.

1. Shipshewana Auction

A one-of-a-kind stop for ALL sorts of collectibles, antiques and totally unique finds that can be used in a number of project ideas for every level or just left as you find them in their original spectacular state.

My daughter had been dreaming about a vanity and I found this amazing piece at the Shipshewana Auction one recent winter. Ok, so this is one of those projects that I have only partially begun. My goal is to chalk paint the dresser and so far, all I have done is recover the stool, but like I said before my skill set and my ambitions aren’t always a direct match. (Read about the next stop for more on the recovering of the stool.)

2. Yoder’s Department Store

The perfect stop for fabric to cover any project, make any quilt or textile creation you can dream up.

We found the PERFECT fabric with the cutest owls that are a great match for the paint my daughter has picked out for her bedroom at Yoder's Department Store. Not what you see on the walls in the previous picture of the vanity. It coordinates perfectly with the decorative owls - did you see them on the dresser in the birdcage? She bought those at Lasting Impressions right here in Shipshewana as well... my daughter’s absolute favorite little shop in town.

When recovering the stool, I made sure I removed all layers of old fabric, material and padding and am glad I did, because it had been recovered a couple of times and let’s just say, the layers were old and dirty and making sure I started with a clean base will mean that I don’t have to worry about any dust mites because I stripped it to the bare bones. We do have the paint picked out and can’t wait to get to the next step but for now, she loves it just the way it is.

3. Cherry Pickers

The perfect stop for all things to upcycle including shiplap!

I have wanted a mudroom for the longest time but in case you haven’t noticed a theme, my aspirations don’t always match the reality of what I have the talents or in most cases the spare time to do. This project took about 15 minutes and cost around $20, seriously no joke! I stopped by Cherry Pickers and got an old piece of barn wood which had so much character and was just the right length for the wall I wanted to hang it on.

I then picked up 4 double hooks, attached them to the board, then hung the board making sure I hit studs for stability. Voila, a great place to hang jackets and backpacks for the little ones in our house. For a personal touch, I hung some family photos above and I absolutely love it.

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4. Shipshewana Flea Market (Seasonal May thru Sept)

The gallery wall must have sat on my Pinterest page several years, so I thought it was about time I go ahead and complete that project. I procrastinated on this one because it seemed daunting to think about. I was afraid of how to start, where should I place it, what to include, how many mistake holes there would be in my walls when I was done, etc. Well I finally just bit the bullet and this was my step-by-step process.

Having recently moved (again) I had boxes of framed pictures, home décor and the like from years of collecting, buying and displaying kid pics (including those decorative pictures/crafts from Shipshewana Flea Market). So I just lined them up on the staircase, then learned a helpful tip from this site and made a paper template for each piece I was hanging. Honestly, I really didn’t take much care in doing so, just taped some scrap sketch paper together and stuck them to the wall. Once I had those placed the way I liked, I started hanging everything.

You can hang painted signs, craft items, mirrors, family photos and more. This is where the amazing vendors at the Shipshewana Flea Market really applies. Don't limit yourself and be creative with what you choose - and hang what you like. It's your home, so love it! I am not super picky so you may think my gallery wall has some imperfections and I would agree but you can be as meticulous in the displaying of yours as you want. I just used picture hanging hooks from a kit and went to town hammering away. I had to enlist my husband and a ladder on a couple of high places, but most of them I was able to reach as I climbed my way to the top of the staircase. After about 1 ½ hours I was done from start to finish and I thought that was great time.

5. Yoder's Hardware Store

Yoder’s Hardware Store has everything you need to complete your upcycling projects, a gallery wall or any other DIY projects you have at home. And they are located in Yoder’s Shopping Mall, right across from Yoder’s Department store so you can pick up your fabrics and hardware all at one stop.

BONUS! They have rocking chairs outside that the guys or older kids can relax in while you spend as long as you like picking out just the right supplies.

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