5 Reasons Heritage Ridge Creamery is a Cheese Lover’s Paradise

Post Date: Oct 24, 2019

Looking for a short drive to cheese lover's paradise, you must check out this "delicious" shop just west of Shipshewana, IN.

Are you a cheese fanatic? Take just a 5 minute drive west of downtown Shipshewana, Indiana, and you'll find Heritage Ridge Creamery - a must visit for any cheese lover in your life!

Heritage Ridge Creamery is nestled in the middle of Amish Country and offers a huge variety of cheese...most made right on site! You'll want to be sure to add it to your list of things to do near Shipshewana, Indiana.

Check out these top 5 reasons Heritage Ridge Creamery in Middlebury is a cheese lover's paradise, and plan your trip to visit their store soon!

1. Free Samples

Heritage Ridge Creamery allows you to sample all of the varieties of cheese before you buy them! And believe me, once you sample it, you will want to BUY! 

They have the store set up so that guests can view the cheese in open coolers and use a toothpick to try a small cubed sample.

I enjoyed sampling some of their more unusual cheeses like the Yogurt Cheese and Salsa Jack.

2. A View of the Cheese-Making Process

At the back of the store, Heritage Ridge Creamery has a large window where visitors can watch the cheese-making process! It's really a cool thing to view. 

They make a lot of their cheese right on site, and I appreciated that they even have it clearly labeled which cheeses were made right there!

3. Huge Variety

Another reason Heritage Ridge Creamery is an amazing place to visit near Shipshewana is because of their huge variety of cheeses! 

Some varieties include Amish Creamery Cheese, Cheddar, Colby, Colby Jack, Farmer Cheese, Garden Vegetable Jack, Monterey Jack, Monterey Jack with Yogurt Cultures, Pepper Jack, Salsa Jack, and Thunder Jack. Or, if you can't pick just one, you can buy a "Variety Wheel" which would be perfect for parties!

They also have Amish-style Roll Butter which is made locally. I met a couple who was buying several of these Roll Butters and they said it tasted SO much better than the butter you would normally buy at a grocery store. They planned on cutting it up and freezing it so they would have it for a long time! Smart!

4. Locally Made

According to Heritage Ridge Creamery's website, the business was started by a local Amish man in 1979. He wanted local Amish dairy farms who still used milk cans to have a market. 

In 2017, it was acquired by the Michigan Milk Producers Association, a farmer’s cooperative. Today, the Heritage Ridge Creamery welcomes milk from its local dairy farmer-owners who are focused on perfecting their milk quality through continuous improvement every day. 

While you're at the store, you can also browse a variety of other locally-made goods including meats and other Amish shelf items.

5. Award-Winning

You know you're about to buy good cheese when there is a RIBBON by the name. But seriously. Heritage Ridge Creamery's cheese is award-winning! In fact, their Colby-jack has won a third-place award in a North American product contest.

Next time you're in Shipshewana, be sure to take the short detour to visit Heritage Ridge Creamery. You will love it!

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