5 Ideas for Upcycling Antique Insulators

Post Date: May 12, 2023

Shipshewana Antique & Misc. Auction is well-known for our weekly antiques & collectibles auction held every Wednesday, year-round. Our 15,000 square foot barn boasts 6-9 auctioneers selling completely different items every week. Come see why we've become a Hoosier tradition for bidders from all over the US & Canada.

Insulators are found from time-to-time at auction. Below, you'll see 5 unique ways you can use your auction finds to spruce up your home or office décor.

First, Gather Your Ideas & Supplies

Once you find an item at auction, you can do your research by searching online or Pinterest. When you know what you want to do, you can use a number of supplies including glass markers or chalk paint (which works better than acrylics as long as you let it dry). 

#1) Display It As Is

Simply put, just clean it up and display it with your knick-knacks. They come in all sorts of shapes, colors and sizes too!

#2) Paint a Toadstool

With inspiration from her fairy garden, the toadstool idea was the first thing that occured to our DIY pro.

  1. Paint the top with 3 coats of red chalk paint .
  2. Paint the bottom half with 2 coats of white chalk paint.
  3. Be sure you let the paint dry completely between coats for the best coverage. Plus, if you don’t, it smears.
  4. For the dots, I used the end of my paint brush and dotted white dots randomly across the top.
  5. For extra flare, she placed it on a fairy garden fence door with some other small items, including the cute frog!

3) Create a Bumblebee

This adorable bumblebee is the perfect spring and summer idea.

  1. Apply a base coat of white chalk paint and allow to dry, followed by 2 coats of yellow.
  2. Draw a half heart (a genius Pinterest tip) then apply the black chalk paint for the head.
  3. Finish his eyes, nose and mouth using a black chalk paint marker.
  4. His cute little wings are from the Dollar Tree that was a part of a child's costume.
  5. Finally, for his antlers use a pipe cleaner and attach black pom poms.

#4) Shine a Light

With a pre-owned wreath, along with an empty flower box she repurposed, adding the insulator and putting them all together created a rustic, country feel for this piece. Add a tea light a perfect fit for an insulator nightlight.

#5) Plant a Succulent Inside

Seeing this idea on Pinterest, an old stand that previously held a candle votive, held this insulator perfectly still to drop in some dirt and the hens & chicks. Using unique items and thinking and looking at things differently helps you come up with some pretty neato combinations. In this one, she added a flower pick and some blue glass gems and it is a beautiful desk decoration and conversation piece.

(These would make the cutest centerpieces for weddings or other special events as well and could even be given away to guests or as prizes for special events.)

They are all amazing and we simply can't pick a favorite. If you want to create your own or find another amazing auction find to repurpose or upcycle, join us at the weekly Misc. & Antique sale every Wednesday! We'd love to see what you do with yours.

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