5 Elements of a Woodsy Thanksgiving Tablescape

Post Date: Nov 24, 2023

This holiday season, I'm particularly into woodland decor - think wood slices and white branches. So, we decided to try and create a cool "woodsy" thanksgiving tablescape. Here are the five elements that were essential for this year's table theme.

1. Burlap Table Runner

So I guess burlap really is more "country" than "woodsy" themed, but hey, it looked great on the table - and it's super inexpensive compared to purchasing a new table runner!

Just go to your favorite fabric store and get a large piece of burlap, then cut to your desired length! Have extra? You can also use the burlap for impromptu place mats!

2. Wood Slices

Have extra wood lying around? Cut a few 2 or 3 inch thick wood slices for your table decor! Or, if you don't have saw-skills, head to craft shows or decor shops. 

The birch tree candle holders on our table came from the Ship-Chic Craft & Vintage Show, a craft show here at the Shipshewana Auction building held 3 times a year. I just love how they create height for the centerpiece.

3. Greenery

What's a woodsy theme without a little greenery? We used fake succulents and green topiary accents to provide a little color to the table. Plus, it's always fun to have your guests consistently ask, "Is this real?" as they poke at the succulents.

I purchased some of the greenery from a store here in Shipshewana called "Four Seasons." Their decor is the CUTEST!

4. Leaf Place Cards

For this element, I literally went out into the yard, and grabbed some leaves (which there seems to be a never-ending supply of these days). 

Using a sharpie, write out the guests' names on the leaves and place above the plate on your table. Want to get a little more fancy? Dip the leaves in some gold paint or sparkles!

5. Colored Napkins

With all the brown and white on your table, you'll want to add more color. If you don't have colorful plates, I suggest using colored cloth napkins. You can even fold them into these sweet silverware pouches!

And there you have it! 5 simple elements to use when creating a woodsy themed Thanksgiving tablescape.

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