5 Easy Steps to Upcycling Your Antique Auction Find

Post Date: Mar 08, 2024

Shipshewana Auction features pickers and sellers from all over bringing amazing finds every Wednesday. This unique wood tool tote was purchased at our live auction and turned into a beautiful upcycled DIY project in just 5 easy steps!

If you haven't tried your hand at bidding at this one-of-a-kind live auction, you don't know what you're missing! Every week, pickers bring their finds from all over to sell at this auction where 6-9 auctioneers take up the auction cry each Wednesday, year-round in Shipshewana, IN. Located, right in the heart of Amish Country, just 2 hours from Chicago, Indianapolis and Detroit!

Guest blogging Upcycling idea and work courtesy of Petal My Pretties

1) Sand

This tote was in very good condition, so a little light sanding was all that was needed. Sometimes, a little cleaning with a hard bristled brush before sanding might be in order. Hand sanding with a light grade sandpaper using a sand block was all it took to make this tote smooth for painting.

2) Chalk Paint

Put on a coat of chalk paint (here, we used Truffle) and allow that to completely dry before applying the second coat (here, we used White). Allow the second coat to completely dry.

Distress Painting Tip:  Start with a darker coat, followed by a lighter coat to get the best distressed look. And, play around with color combos, you'll be surprised at what different colors can do for a piece!

3) Distress (Sand Again)

Sand again, using the same technique as above to your liking and dust off excess particles. If you choose to apply any decals, add those now before moving to the next step.

4) Apply Wax

Apply an Antique wax (available at most craft stores or in the craft aisle of your favorite big-box store) and use an old cloth or t-shirt to apply a coat of wax with or against the grain, doesn't matter! Wax on, wax off :)

After wax is applied use a baby wipe to lightly remove as much excess wax as needed to your liking.

5) Fill It Up & Enjoy!

In this tote, we filled it with a couple of glass bottles, some lavendar, greenery and a doily for a Vintage French Country decor piece sure to wow everyone!

Decor Tip:  Fill with seasonal decor to switch up your look for various holidays or seasons!

Want to learn more about buying at live auctions?  Now that you see what fun finds you can catch, check out our blog on bidder tips and plan a trip to Amish Country soon before you dive in to auction buying!

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