30 Home Decor Products Worth Obsessing Over at the Shipshewana Flea Market

Post Date: May 11, 2018

Here are 30 amazing home decor vendors selling at Shipshewana Flea Market.

*Please note: the products, vendors and prices in this blog post are subject to change at any time, as market vendors may vary from week to week or season to season.*

Oil of Gladness Decor, Booth 619-620

Whether you're looking for the perfect sign to hang in your kitchen, or you're wanting to do an extreme home makeover, you probably want your home decor to be both unique and affordable. 

Enter the Shipshewana Flea Market.

This week, we scoured the grounds of the market looking for the best home decor pieces. Some are handmade, making the pieces truly unique, some are bought and resold. All are awesome.

Check out our list of 30 home decor items worth obsessing over and where to find them at the market below.

1. Windmill Decor

Windmill, Approx. $39.95, Spotted at DC Vending, Booth 361-362

Make a statement by adding a piece of the farm to your home decor. These metal farmhouse windmill tops are great for an industrial  or a farm theme in your home.

2. Painted End Tables

Painted End Tables, Approx. $40 - $55, Spotted at Country Acres, Booth 403

Sometimes when you're furniture shopping, you've looked through so much that all of the pieces end up looking the same! That is not the case with these beautiful hand-painted end tables found at the flea market. You are sure to have an end table that is unlike anyone else's...they even have quotes on them!

3. Lighted Owls

Lighted Owls, Approx. $22, Spotted at Rosemary's Candles & Crafts, Booth 445-446

Whoooooo wants one of these cute things?! These lighted owls are handmade, plus they are painted with indoor / outdoor paint so you can put them anywhere you'd like! If you're not into owls, this vendor also makes lighted houses which are just as cute.

4. Handmade Rugs

Handwoven Rugs, 50" approx. $62, Spotted at Country Weaving, Booth 458

Another totally unique product are these hand-woven rugs made by a local Amish vendor. She actually weaves them on a loom right in her booth! It's so fun to watch. She makes both rugs and runners...plus they are all machine washable! (Hooray for convenience).The rug prices vary based on size...she has everything from 20 inch rugs to 70 inch rugs.

5. Blueprint Art

Blueprint Art, Approx. $49-$117, Spotted at ArtCave Co., Booth 501-502

Whatever your interest is in, whether that's a musical instrument or a bike, there's a framed blueprint for it! These are unique, high-quality art pieces with an exact replica of original patent drawings. Looking for bathroom decor? They even have the blueprints for toilets and toilet paper! Ha!

6. Shabby-Chic Cabinets

Shabby Chic Furniture, Approx. $200-$400, Spotted at Little Red Hen House, Booth 505-506

Painted furniture, anyone? Sometimes DIY-ing just doesn't cut it when it comes to creating that "shabby-chic" look in your home. Luckily, this booth at the Shipshewana Flea Market has high quality cabinets that are perfect for decorating your dream home. 

7. Garland

Garland & Wreaths, Approx. $5 - $15, Spotted at This N' That, Booth 203

Great for crafting and embellishing, these garland strands are a must have for any decorator. There are all kinds of different sizes and colors to choose from. The longest strand I saw in the booth was 60 inches, which sells for $7. There are also star garlands and wreaths to choose from!

8. Quilted Throws

Quilted Throw, As low as $20 each, Spotted at Better Home Goods, Booth 122-123

These quilted throws are such a great bargain if you're looking to add a splash of color on your bed! With so many designs and sizes to choose from, it's hard to pass these up, especially because they are so soft to the touch.

9. Chalkboards

Chalkboards, Approx. $10 each or 2 for $18, Spotted at Country Shadows, Booth 140

Because who doesn't want a chalkboard in the shape of their favorite pet? These whimsical animal silhouettes are perfect for your kitchen, entryway or a child's bedroom. Plus, they're handmade! The vendor will even give you chalk and an eraser.

10. Tree Wall Art

Tree Wall Art, Approx $45-$70, Spotted at Everspring Gifts, Booth 112-114

Tree wall art decor can communicate peacefulness and connection in your home. These pieces can really make a thought-provoking statement on your wall. I love the rustic frames and windows that these trees are in. We can all use a little bit more nature (and trees) in our life.

11. Old Street Signs

Old Street Signs, Approx. $12 - $18, Spotted at Dusty Road Antiques & Collectibles, Booth 137-138

These street signs would be perfect for any man cave or boys' room. The yellow or organge would surely add a pop of color! You'll have a blast hunting through the piles of antiques & collectibles in this booth to find the perfect sign or primitive. I also loved the wooden stars ($16 each) in this booth.

12. Time Out Chairs

Time Out Chair, Approx. $27.99, Spotted at Jerri's Craft Creations, Booth 153-155

How adorable is this little bench? (And useful for naughty children, too!). I picture this chair as decor for the front porch, maybe surrounded by some flower pots.

13. Patriotic Decor

Patriotic Decor, Approx. $3-$15, Spotted at Sandy's Creations, Booth 161-162

If you're like me, I think one of the best parts about the holidays is decorating for them! This flea market booth has everything you'd need for each holiday and season. Pictured shows their featured patriotic decor, perfect for both Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

14. Hand-Painted Windows

Hand-Painted Windows, Approx. $40 (depending on size), Spotted at Norm the Artist, Booth 591

This talented flea market vendor takes old windows and repurposes them into beautiful artwork! Norm likes to paint flowers, flags, lighthouses and more! Lots of people like to hang them in their gardens or on their sheds. Personally, I'd put one of these windows above my sofa. Gorgeous!

15. Chicken Wire Frames

Chicken Wire Frames, Approx. $10-$12, Spotted at Hundt No More Antiques & Collectibles, Booth 662

Perfect for leaving notes or displaying greeting cards, these chicken wire frames are just the cutest! I've also heard of people hanging them in their laundry rooms to clip up socks that lose their partners! There is a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from.

16. Lake Decor

Lake Decor, Approx. $15-$40, Spotted at Laura's Creative Decor, Booth 566

Do you own a lake cottage? You've got to see the variety of lake, beach, tiki bar signs and decor that this flea market booth has. I love the mermaids and anchors! 

17. Framed Prints

Framed Prints, Approx. $15-$30, Spotted at York Mercantile, Booth 569-570

No matter what your interest, you'll find an adorable framed print! This booth also has everything for the sports collector. All you need is space on your walls!

18. Hand-lettered Signs

Hand-lettered Signs, Approx $3 - $15, Spotted at George the Sign Man, Booth 644

Have you ever met a real life sign painter? You can get custom signs painted by George himself while you wait. These would be cute for kids' bedroom doors or perfect for a camper.

19. Metal Art

Metal Art, Price Varies, Spotted at Victory Custom Metals, Booth 674-675

The vendor who creates these unique signs does all of his own cutting, welding and powder coating. People purchase the metal art for their house or garden. Truly unique!

20. Reproduction Tin Signs

Reproduction Tin Signs, Approx. $10 each or 3 for $28, Spotted at Specialty Tin Sign, Booth 700

This booth has a GIANT selection of signs and advertising - all sizes and all varieties! I could see these covering a mancave wall or going perfect in a garage.

21. Farmhouse Pillows

Pillows, Approx. $29, Spotted at Bloom N Things, Booth 605 / 588-590

Looking for that perfect accent to your sofa? Add one of these adorable farmhouse pillows available at Bloom N Things. While you're shopping their booth, check out their other decor and wall art...you're sure to fall in love.

22. Metal Buckets

Metal Buckets, Approx. $10.95, Spotted at Glick's Lawn Furniture, Booth 422-424

Obviously, I just can't get enough of these old barn items. There is so much potential. I imagine filling one of these buckets with towels for the guest bathroom or using them as a magazine holder.

23. Tin Letters

Tin Letters, Approx $12 each, Spotted at Oil of Gladness Decor, Booth 619-620

Get creative and make your own sign with these tin letters! There are multiple sizes available. Gotta love that rusty look!

24. Arrows

Wooden Arrows, Approx $9, Spotted at the Vintage Arrow, Booth 621

Have you seen all of the gallery wall inspiration on Pinterest? These wooden arrows would be a perfect addition to a gallery wall in your home or use them in your garden or yard.

25. Lace Table Cloth Runners

Lace Table Runners, Approx $6 - $25, Spotted at Elegant Table Cloth, Booth 597-598

Embroidered doilies make the perfect spring table setting! Add some bright white dishes to your table and you have a gorgeous look. And so reasonably priced.

26. Silk Flowers

Silk Flowers, Price Varies, Spotted at Lily's Flower Cart, Booth 1068-1070

Add some serious color to your home decor with these silk flowers - that you NEVER have to water! This booth has hanging silk baskets, garland and greenery. 

27. Window Treatments

Window Treatments, Price Varies, Spotted at Cornucopia, Booth 283, 309

These unique valences would be great for a kitchen window. Choose from a huge selection of patterns and colors. It think it's time for a kitchen window makeover!

28. Framed Art Decor

Framed Art Decor, Price Varies, Spotted at Blue Nova Galleries, Booth 205

Find a large selection of quality art to hang on your walls! These pieces are simply beautiful, as well as, timeless.

29. Wooden Paper Towel Holders

Wooden Paper Towel Holders, Approx. $20, Spotted at Sue's Miniatures & Collectibles, Booth 866

Another handmade product, these wooden paper towel holders offer a unique and useful addition to any kitchen or bathroom! 

30. Wooden Animal Puzzles

Wooden Animal Puzzles, Price Varies, Spotted at Teaberry Wood Products, Booth 381

Visit this booth and you might even get to watch them cutting out the wooden puzzles right there! These puzzles would look great on a bookshelf, and they're a great way to entertain the kids too!

So there you have it, my favorite 30 home decor products spotted at the Shipshewana Flea Market this year. There are SO many more booths and items I didn't even get the chance to look at. Do you have any favorites that I missed?

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