3 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Pretzels & Where You Can Find Them in Shipshewana

Post Date: Feb 23, 2024

Shipshewana is the best place to enjoy pretzels and you'll never guess where the idea came from!

Pretzels are a mystery as to their original origin. I had always thought they got their start in Germany, and no one may ever really know for sure, but this inspiring story is a great way to think of their beginning while you are enjoying one in any case.

3 Amazing Pretzel Facts coming right up… but first a story, one of my favorite places to stop in town is JoJo’s located on the first floor of the Davis Mercantile. I can’t resist the warm, handmade pretzel as a quick lunch or snack whether enjoying one all to myself or sharing with my kiddos. The story of the pretzel and the connection to this frequent stop on our weekend outings is one of the first things I remember as shared by my then Kindergarten son. He had been to JoJo’s Pretzels for a school field trip and was amazed to learn the legend as told by the owner who has a heart for pretzels and Shipshewana.

Here are 3 Amazing Pretzel Facts I bet you didn’t know…

  1. The pretzel got its start in Italy.
  2. The pretzel was originally created as a reward to children for learning their prayers.
  3. The pretzel shape resembles folded arms when praying those very prayers children were learning.

Now, the next time you have a pretzel, fold your arms and say your prayers and you may just want to do so right here in beautiful Amish Country.

So where can you go to enjoy your own twisted treat?

You can get a hand twisted pretzel at JoJo’s located in the Davis Mercantile in Shipshewana’s downtown shopping area. They have 9 different pretzels including dill pickle and even a gluten free pretzel. They offer 10 different dips and have been twisting them with love for over 29 years right here in Shipshewana. I love so many of the combinations I can’t choose a favorite but their famous original pretzel is a best seller and you can top it off with their own hot mustard and sweet mustard.

You can also find pretzels at:

Ben's Soft Pretzels | Get them in their store year-round or at the Shipshewana Flea Market in their original Ben's Pretzels stand that has been here since the beginning of the famous Flea Market!

Red Bud Gift Shop & Coffee Tea Cafe | They are located inside Yoder's Red Barn Shoppe directly in front of the Shipshewana Flea Market.

There’s so much more than pretzels at JoJo’s.

Another story here, but when I was a kid, I loved going to our local little restaurant called the South Pole and I always got a vanilla coke and a chili cheese dog. The South Pole is still open in my hometown and I try to stop by whenever I can but it is a good 2-hour drive (and if you're ever in that area, stop by and tell them I said hello). JoJo’s is the only place that has even come close to recreating that great childhood memory and authentic taste for me. I have even gotten my kids hooked. They would rather have a sweet vanilla coke than ice cream, believe it or not! And yes, I did, look what was for lunch for me today!

The menu has a selection of other items including sloppy joe, soups, chicken salad and tuna salad croissant sandwiches, a whole variety of flavored drinks, ice cream and shakes. Plus they are served up by some of the friendliest people I have met. You can even watch them twist and create these awesome doughy treats right in front of you.

The fun vintage atmosphere puts everyone in a great mood.

Don’t forget to bring your quarter to try out the fun old gumball game machine. My kids absolutely love this fun old contraption. Simple pleasures in life are some of the best and JoJo’s delivers in so many ways.

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