14 Inexpensive Ideas to Give Your Home a Cozy Fall Makeover

Post Date: Aug 24, 2018

Decorating for each season doesn't have to take a lot of effort or money! Check out these 14 tips for making you and your home extra welcoming this fall - brought to you by our favorite Shipshewana Flea Market vendors.

*Note - vendors do change from season-to-season, for a current list of full-season Shipshewana Flea Market vendors click here.

1. Replace Your Entry Rugs

Keep the dirt and dust out of your home this Fall by adding an entry rug to your doorstep.

Helpful Tip – Use two! One rug outside your door and one inside your door does even more to keep out the dust by providing a double barrier. 

Handmade in the USA, these indoor/outdoor Appalachian rugs we found at the Shipshewana Flea Market are crafted in the Carolina's and come in a wide variety of warm autumn colors.

Find them: Cutco Cutlery Booth, Space 847

Price: $14/Ea. or 2 for $26

2. Give Some Curb Appeal to Your Home with Outdoor Yard Décor

Metal yard art is a great way to improve the look of your home's landscaping. Especially, think about areas where you need a little pop of color.

Helpful Tip – Always display décor in odd numbers, it creates visual interest.

Find Them: This N That Booth, Space 203-204

Price: Varies ($15 & Up)

3. Switch out your Bedding with a Warm Quilt

It doesn’t make sense to have a thin blanket on during the cooler Autumn months, so not only does switching out bedding keep your décor interesting, it is a functional necessity to keeping warm.

Find them: Bedding Fair Booth, Space 144-147

Cost: Varies

4. Hang a New Wreath on your Front Door

Just like switching up seasonal décor inside the home, that front door will always win with a new Fall wreath. You can also use your wreaths in front entry ways, displayed inside the perimeter of a picture frame for added flare, or use them as centerpieces for your holiday gatherings.

Find them: Lilly's Flower Cart, Space 1068-1070

Price: $29.95 & Up

5. Place Fall Throws throughout your Home

You can make any space look cozy and warm by placing a throw over a sofa, armchair, or rolled up in a basket next to your favorite chair. Plus, when the evening cools down, it is handy to grab and wrap up.

Find them: Bedding Fair Booth, Space 850-853

Cost: $20 and Up. Reversible, machine-stitched throws (Size: 50”X60”).

6. Fill the Air with Fall Fragrances

Burning a candle will add a delicious smell to your home without ever having to get out your baking supplies.

These popular fall scents from Our Own Candle Company (Snickerdoodle, MacIntosh Apple, and Pumpkin Cream Pie) will not only make you hungry for the real deal but they are also great décor adding a stylish and colorful flicker to any room.

Helpful Tip: Always burn your candles in an area without a draft so they burn evenly.

Find Them: This N That, Space #203-204

Price: $7/Ea. or 3 for $20

7. Add a "Thankful" Handcrafted Sign

Handcrafted signs are all the rage and you can change them out seasonally. This "Thankful" sign is perfect for the Fall and Thanksgiving time (or could be left up all year).

Helpful Tip: If you select the same size sign for each season, makes switching them out a whole lot easier and keeps unnecessary holes out of your walls.

You can also replace your kitchen towels and throw rugs quickly and inexpensively to keep things looking fresh.

Find them: Cornucopia in Space #283 & 309 

Cost: Sign –$38.99

Kitchen Towels- $2.99/Ea.

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs - $12.99/Ea. (Made of recycled plastic, easy to hose off for cleaning.)

8. Replace Every Day Home Décor with Seasonal Items

Everyone gets tired of the same old thing from time-to-time. Use Fall as an opportunity to replace your every day décor. The season's colors are usually vibrant orange, rust or red and will warm up any area in a hurry. And, when you are ready to switch back, your stored away every day now seems new again!

Find it: Sue's Miniatures & Collectibles, Space 866 

Price: (Varies – Above pieces: $5.95 – $16.95)

9. Get a New Outfit for Your Lawn Geese 

Even geese need some new duds from time to time! And yes, this is apparently still a thing.

Find them: Bag Ladies, Space #406-407

Price: (Varies – Starting at $10/Ea.)

10. Display a New Fall Centerpiece

Sometimes decorating for fall is as simple as getting a new centerpiece for your dining table. These silk flowers are great - they won't die and you don't have to water them!

Find them: Southwest Enterprises, Space #216-218

Cost: (Varies – Starting at $10)

11. Look Good & Stay Warm for Fall Activities

Look for great transitional outfits that both look great and feel comfortable. It can be hard keeping up with fashion trends, so take our word for it when we say “Camo is In!”

This great combination would be perfect for just about any casual outing as you transition into fall. Helpful Tip: Accessorizing can be key, and choosing a bag and necklace that can be paired with other favorite tops can help when trying to stick to a budget.

Find it: Miss Chic, Space 607 

Cost: (Camo Top - $33.50; Handbag - $38.50; Necklace - $12.75)

12. Change up the most Unassuming Household Items

For added fun, you can look at even the most basic home items (in this case your cutting boards) and replace them with fun items that match the season at hand. What better to slice and serve goodies on than these unique Corian cutting boards.

Find them: C&H Wood Products, Space #399-400

Price: ($15.95 - $18.95)

13. Be Prepared with Snacks to Entertain Pop-in Guests

You can never go wrong by having goodies on hand that are able to be pulled out and quickly served to last minute holiday guests.

Easy fall foods to keep on hand include jars of Apple Butter to spread on a warm slice of bread, or party dip mixes (including caramel apple dip and pumpkin spice dip) that are easily ready to make! 

Find Apple Butter: Mandy's Harvest, Space #481

Price: ($3.50-7.50/Ea.)

Find Dip Mixes: Donny DoGo's Gourmet Dips, Space 167

Price: $5/Ea - Buy 2 Get 1 Free

14. Stock up with Cleaning Supplies to Kill off Germs 

It can be tough when your family and guests are spreading more than just holiday cheer. When your guests have gone and you need to clear the house of unwanted germs you will be glad you made sure you had the right supplies on hand.

Find it: Dawn's Surplus Shack, Space #622 & 654

Cost: $1 - $2 Each

Do you have any favorite fall decorating tips? Let us know! And remember, the Shipshewana Flea Market is open every Tuesday & Wednesday through September 26, plus Labor Day!

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