10 Surprising Free Resources You Aren’t Using to Grow Your Small Business

Post Date: Jun 08, 2019

You know how essential it is to find resources that can help achieve your goals as a business owner. And being able to find resources, especially free resources, on the internet or in your hometown that are actually useful can be exponentially helpful in growing your business. 


1. Dave Ramsey

Anybody with a business, has a budget... and if you don't, you need to have one. Dave Ramsey is KNOWN for his budgeting skills. Check out his website with free tools you can use for your business.


Customer Interaction

2. "Random Winner" Websites

Customers love participating on social media. When you do contests through Facebook, Random.org

randomly choose winners for your giveaways and contests, keeping your "random" contest truly unbiased.

Organization/Office Work

3. Google Docs

If you have a Google account, you have access to a ton of resources you didn't even know you had.

Google Docs/Sheets is a great replacement for Word and Excel. You do not have to pay for Google Docs/Sheets like you would for Word or Excel. Google Docs allows you to write up documents just like you would in Word. The same goes for Google Sheets. It's a spreadsheet that allows you to plug in formulas and organize numbers and amounts just like Excel.

4. Google Calendar

Within the same Google Apps button there is a app for a calendar. This calendar will sync to all your devices that are connected to Google. Use it to keep yourself organized with deadlines, show dates and other important events.

5. Invoicing & Accounting

If you frequently send out invoices and require an accounting software for accounts payable and receivable, check out Wave. They have free software that can help you keep track of your accounts!


6. Canva

If you're wanting to create Facebook pictures, well-crafted flyers or anything else that needs a little more creativity, try canva.com. Canva is a free website that allows you to use their templates and graphics to create whatever it is you need.

7. Pixabay

If you don't have many photos of your own, and are just needing some stock pictures, pixabay.com has a large variety of images you can choose from. The site allows you to download their stock photos onto your computer or device. After you save them, you can use them however you like.


8. Blogging

If you're looking to reach and connect with people (which you should), blogging is a terrific way to let customers know your expertise. You can write about different topics that pertain to your business. Google Blogger is a platform where you can start creating your blogs. You can then publish your blogs on your website or your business Facebook page.

9. Networking

Network. Network. Network. If you're doing shows/flea markets/fairs, you need to network and get to know those vendors around you. Carry each other's business cards, or make referrals. Help grow one another's businesses by wholesaling to each other.

10. Local CVBs

Hook up with your town/county's CVB (Convention and Visitors Bureau). They are always promoting and highlighting local businesses and events happening in the county. Get in touch with them and see what all the can do for you!

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